Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 18 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 17:48

18:24: On Table 3, Craig Smith opens to 20k and gets calls from Jim Glen in position and Alen Wilkie from the BB. Flop 4s5c6c. Craig c-bets 35k then Jim raises to 75k. Alen and Craig both quickly fold.

18:19: As we're on the Bubble the next break is on hold till we lose a player.

18:16: On Table 3, Ronnie Ballantyne opens for 22k. Alen Wilkie 3bets to 70k. Ronnie mucks it. Ronnie has mabye 130k left now.

18:13: Here's a reminder of the payouts:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700
10th £550
11th £450
12th £400
13th £350
14th £350
15th £300
16th £300
17th £250
18th £250
19th £0 :-(

18:12: Scott Meldrum out in 20th place. We are now on the Bubble with 19 left.

18:09: Talal Hamodi having a wee stretch earlier while contemplating an all in from Dennis Shaw pre-flop. He ended up folding, showing KsJs. Dennis showed TT.

18:07: Average Stack 313,800 with 20 left.

18:05: Steven Anderson out in 21st.

18:04: Here are the seating arranagements with 21 left, 3 x 7 handed tables.

Table 1
Donald Cumming
Peter Scott
Kyle Swan
Paul Brown
Ben Caird
Gary Scullion
Jose Placido

Table 2
Stephen Bradshaw
Colin Malcolm
Dennis Shaw
Talal Hamodi
Darren Tomlinson
Jamie Whyte
Andrew Fulton

Table 3
Steven Anderson
Alen Wilkie
Craig Smith
Richard Watson
Jim Glen
Ronnie Ballantyne
Scott Meldrum

18:03: Mark McMenamin out. Think we're down to 21 now. 3 off the money. Exciting.

17:58: Nick Crozer and Sean Spalding also reporting to the rail :-(

17:57: Steve Martin out with 99 all in pre-flop for 237k vs Alen Wilkie's AA.

17:53: We have 25 left. Break after the end of Level 18 in about half an hour. Will get the full chip counts then.

17:48: Blinds up. Here are the biggest stacks at the moment. Pinks 25k, Blacks 5k, Greens 1k & Whites 500.

6th August 2017 @ 18:12
really enjoying these wee updates, im even getting excited from the couch, thanks!! x
Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 17 (4000/8000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 17:11

17:39: We have a £1/2 NL cash game running on the side. Currently 6 handed so 3 seats open. £40 minumum buy-in, no maximum.

17:38: GK Kamal out now.

17:36: Here's a pic of Stephen Bradshaw as requested by Annie. He's on about 410k at the moment.

17:34: Double up for Donald Cumming with KK vs AQ all in pre-flop.

17:32: George Wilson not having such a good time any more; he's oot.

17:30: Ronnie Ballantyne opens to 17k and Alen Wilkie ships for 137k. Ronnie calls with AK. Alen has AJ. Ends up in a Chop though.

17:25: Team Tartan. One in the game and one on the rail supporting.

17:22: Free tea and coffee for tournament players here at the casino. They've even helpfully labelled it just in case you get mixed up.

17:20: Ben Caird opens to 17k but folds when Sean Spalding (pictured below) shoves for about 62k.

17:15: Here's George Wilson. Short but still having a good time.

17:12: Chip Leader, Jim Glen.

17:10: Blinds up!

6th August 2017 @ 17:42
lol, thank you fr the pic, no so sure hel thank you, looks like weight of world on his shoulders lol, cheers!! x
6th August 2017 @ 17:45
Mark Thomson
Who was the dude in the ski mask?
6th August 2017 @ 17:54
Ski Mask Dude = Jose Placido
Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 16 (3000/6000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 16:15

17:03: Peter Scott involved again soon after. Looks like he's made it 17 or 18k and Ben Caird has shoved for 112k. Peter calls with 88 but doesn't improve vs Ben's KK. Jose Placido is the most animated player during the hand as he celebrates folding JJ.

16:58: Brian O'Shea all in pre-flop for 162k with AcKc vs Peter Scott's JJ. The pair holds and Brian is out in 28th place.

15:57: GK Kamal opens to 15k UTG+1, called by Jim Glen then Ronnie Ballantyne shoves all in for about 130k. GK re-ships for more and Jim folds. GK has AK and Ronnie AJ. A decent flop for Ronnie as he flops Broadway and holds to double!

16:53: Marco out a couple of hands later. We've also lost Michelle Gibson, Stuart McNally and Barry Mills. 28 remain. 10 to the money!

16:51: Craig Smith opens to 12k and calls when Marco Ogan 3bets to 26k in position. Flop Td7s3s. Craig checks and Marco bets 43k. Craig has a good think then shoves for 141k total. Marco calls after a wee deliberation and shows QQ. He's is good shape vs Craig's JTo. Turn 3c. River..... Tc. Craig makes Trips to win the chunky pot. Marco now short.

16:42: Paul Brown raises to 12k, Jose Placido calls then Stuart McNally 3bets to 44k in position. Back to Paul Brown and he shoves for 93k. Jose tank/folds showing 99. Stuart calls and has 9s as well! Paul says he was "just stealing" and tables Ad8d. He gets there with a couple of Aces on the board though and doubles up.

16:35: John Canning gone.

16:32: Double up for Craig Smith (in the cap enjoying a wee biscuit) with QQ vs AJ all in pre-flop. Craig holds and looks like he's up to about 180k now.

16:31: Dean Kay also gone.

16:27: Roger Naughton and Peter Hoyer also both gone quickly.

16:26: Quick exit for Gary Laing all in for his last 35k with KQ pre-flop, going down to Colin Malcolm's 88.

16:23: Back in action. Now 4 x 9 handed tables.

16:15: Full, but approximate, counts for all remaining players. 36 of 'em.

Table 1
Michelle Gibson 58k
Peter Scott 389k
Dean Kay 75k
Paul Brown 120k
Brian O'Shea 150k
John Canning 92k
Stuart McNally 161k

Table 2
Richard Watson 190k
Nick Crozer 140k
Colin Malcolm 420k
Dennis Shaw 220k
Talal Hamodi 140k
Darren Tomlinson 170k
Andrew Fulton 215k

Table 3
Scott Meldrum 260k
Ronnie Ballantyne 165k
Marco Ogan 220k
Kyle Swan 101k
Craig Smith 90k
Barry Mills 66k
Steven Anderson 310k

Table 4
Sean Spalding 71k
Stephen Bradshaw 380k
Alen Wilkie 200k
Gary Scullion 143k
Steve Martin 240k
Mark McMenamin 178k
George Wilson 127k
Donald Cumming 80k

Table 5
Peter Hoyer 68k
Ben Caird 145k
Jose Placido 180k
Jim Glen 540k
Jamie Whyte 61k
Gary Laing 35k
GK Kamal 155k

6th August 2017 @ 16:54
more pics please??
6th August 2017 @ 16:55
Anyone in particular?
6th August 2017 @ 17:18
steven bradshaw? x
Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 15 (2000/4000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 15:24

16:03: Players on a 20 minute break.

16:00: John Burns shoves his last 5.3k with Pocket 2s. Dennis Shaws raises to isolate with Ad7d and everyone else folds. Dennis makes Trips to send John packing.

15:57: Sandy Tong heading for the exit. Down to 36 now. Break in 5 mins.

15:53: John Burns loses 70k or so with JJ vs Andrew Fulton's AA. John down to about 8k now. I think John raised and called when Andrew 3bet pre-flop then John then check/shoved all in on the Queen High Flop and Andrew quickly called and gave him the bad news.

15:49: We have a few of the stylish Tartan Poker hoodies being worn today.

15:47: Dennis Shaw isn't messing about. After Richard Watson opens to 11.1k he 3bets to 27k. Richard folds and Dennis lets him see Pocket 6s. Dennis is the blog's #1 fan and of course he's keeping up to date while he plays today.

15:45: Gary Scullion gets all in pre-flop with A9 vs Donald Cumming's KK but it's not a big problem for Gary as he hits a Full House to double.

15:42: First break of the day in 20 mins. Chip counts coming then.

15:41: Kenny Turner is no longer participating in the tournament. He's oot.

15:40: Looks like an open from Mark McMenamin and a call from Alen Wilkie before Gary Scullion (thumbs up) shoves all in. Both others fold. Alen showed AJ and Gary JJ.

15:37: Love Mishra also out. Down to 39 now. Still a long way to the money as 18 places are paid. Min cash is £250 and £7,000 for 1st.

15:34: Maj Iqbal is out. He picked up a few big pairs earlier but got outdrawn and just lost JJ vs AK a few minutes ago. His last few chips just went in blind and he got a call from 8s7s. Maj was actually ahead with T4o but lost when his opponent spiked a Seven.

15:29: Dennis Shaw opens one on Table 3, no callers and he takes the blinds and antes.

15:28: Stuart McNally opens to 8k from the cut-off and calls when Peter Scott 3bets to 18k from the SB. Stuart calls. Flop AhQdQs. Peter chucks in 15k and Stuart quickly folds.

15:24: Start of the day Chip Leader Colin Malcolm looks to still be in the top spot with maybe 430k now. Stephen Bradshaw also doing well with about 400k. He started the day with 252k. Marco Ogan also chipping up well with about 330k now. He started with 135k.

Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 14 (1500/3000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 14:42

15:20: Players get a break every 3 levels. I'll get the top chip counts during those breaks usually.

15:19: James Cheung and Ashley Smith both eliminated.

15:18: Jose Placido (in the ski mask and hoodie) opens to 7k and gets calls from GK Kamal on the Button along with Gary Laing and Sandy Tong from the blinds. Flop 9d5d4s. Checked to Jose and he continues for 12k. GK is the only caller. Turn Ac. Check/Check. River 6h. Check/Check. Jose is good with JJ

15:10: Mark Thomson and Thomas Milligan gone now too. The latter not showing up so that's his 25k stack just blinded out.

15:05: Looks like an open from Steve Martin (left) and a 3bet to 17.5k from Mark McMenamin (right) in position. Steve calls. He has a bit over 200k and Mark covers that. Flop Jc7d5c. Steve check/calls 16k. Turn Ts. Steve checks and Mark fires again. 40k this time. Steve thinks it over but decides to give it up, showing AK. Mark shows QQ.

14:58: Recent eliminations include Kevin Frame and Alan Rowe.

14:50: Down to 45 players now. 5 x 9 handed tables.

14:46: Some player pics from around the room:

14:42: Chris Johnston out. He was all in with AK pre-flop vs Mark McMenamin's KK and couldn't get there.

6th August 2017 @ 15:27
loving the updates x
Replied by Martin J Smith on 6th August 2017 @ 15:29
Thanks, Annie. Anyone in particular you are rooting for?
6th August 2017 @ 16:42
steven bradshaw , fingers crossed x
Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 13 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 12:50

14:40: Blinds up in 2 mins. Just been away taking some player pics. Adding them soon.

14:32: On Table 4, Craig Smith opens the cut-off to 5.1k and Marco Ogan calls from the BB. Flop KsJhTs. Marco check/calls 6k. Turn 6h. Both check. River Th. Both check again. Craig is good with A9 for Ace High. Marco showed 98o.

14:27: Here are the confirmed prizes:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700
10th £550
11th £450
12th £400
13th £350
14th £350
15th £300
16th £300
17th £250
18th £250

14:23: We've also lost James Kirkwood and Dariuz Bulak. 48 remain.

14:20: George Wilson opens and Maj Iqbal jams all in for about 32k. George makes the easy call with QQ and is looking good vs Maj's Tc8c. However, Maj turns an Open-ender and rivers the Straight to stay alive and double up!

14:16: Elaine Dorrian also out from Table 5. Now at 50.

14:15: Joseph McCrystal gets all in pre-flop with 77 but is in bad shape vs Peter Scott's JJ. The Hooks hold and Joseph is heading for the door.

14:10: On Table 3, Chip Leader Colin Malcolm adds to his castle with AA vs JJ against Colin Currie. Colin is out in 53rd place. They got the chips all in on the Ten High Flop then both hit Sets for fun on the Turn & River but it changed nothing.

14:07: On Table 4, Craig Smith opens the Button to 5.1k and gets calls from Kyle Swan and Kenny Turner. Both fold to Craig's 7k c-bet on the 6h5h5s Flop however.

14:05: First hand on Table 5 Roger Naughton opens and George Wilson 3bets. Back to Roger and he shoves for 81,200. George, with him covered, makes the call with QQ and is against AK. George flops Top Set and holds to send Roger to the rail.

14:01: Lost 6 players in the first hand! Nah, just kidding.

13:58: About to start now. Yeehaa!

13:30: Half an hour to go and a few players are starting to arrive. We have 6 x 9 handed tables to begin with 54 players total. Average Stack is 116,200. The number of prizes are based on unique entries so we have 18 paid. Will post the figures above shortly.

11:55: Day 2 of Tartan Poker's first £25,000 event at Alea Glasgow starts today at 2pm. We'll have full coverage here from the first hand dealt to the crowning of the Champion.

Day 2 Chip Counts & Seating

Day 2 Structure

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