Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 24 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 22:47


23:32: Here is the first Tartan Poker Champion, Ben Caird. Full results below too. No deals at all today.

1st £7,000 Ben Caird
2nd £4,200 Craig Smith
3rd £3,000 Jim Glen
4th £2,050 Talal Hamodi
5th £1,700 Stephen Bradshaw
6th £1,350 Jose "Russo333" Placido
7th £1,050 Andrew Fulton
8th £850 Peter Scott
9th £700 Gary Scullion
10th £550 Ronnie Ballantyne
11th £450 Darren Tomlinson
12th £400 Donald Cumming
13th £350 Alen Wilkie
14th £350 Kyle Swan
15th £300 Richard Watson
16th £300 Jamie Whyte
17th £250 Colin Malcolm
18th £250 Paul Brown

23:24: 100k from Craig. Ben 3bets to about 700k. Craig shoves. Call! It's Craig's 88 vs Ben's A6o. Ben spikes the Ace to win the the title. Amazing stuff!

23:24: Walk for Craig.

23:24: 100k from Craig. Ben calls. Flop 986. Check/Check. Missed the Turn but Ben took it down with a bet.

23:23: Walk for Craig.

23:22: 100k from Craig. No call.

23:21: 125k from Ben. No call.

23:21: 100k from Craig, Ben likes it. Flop Kd7d5d. Ben check/calls 100k. Turn 4c. Check/Check. River Kc. Check/Check. Ben's very good with 86 for the Straight.

23:20: Walk for Craig.

23:20: Walk for Ben.

23:19: Small one for Ben.

23:18: Walk for Ben.

23:17: Ben makes it 125k from the Button. Craig 3bets to 400k. Ben folds.

23:16: Craig shoves over the top of a 400k River Bet there and Ben folds. Nice pick up for him. This ain't over yet.

23:15: 100k from Craig, Ben 3bets, Craig folds.

23:14: Another one for Craig.

23:13: Next small pot goes to Craig.

23:13: 125k from Ben. No call.

23:12: Craig makies it 100k, Ben calls. Flop As4h2s. Ben check/calls 100k. Turn 7s. Ben check/folds to a 200k bet.

23:11: Walk for Craig.

23:10: Craig limps the Button. Ben checks. Flop KJ5. Ben check/raises Craig's 50k bet to 125k. Craig folds. Ben shows 55 for a Set!

23:07: Craig opens the Button to 100k here, Ben 3bets to 250k, Craig calls. Flop Ts9c7d. Ben bets 200k. Called. Turn 7h. Check from Ben, Bet of 425k from Craig. Called! River 6h. Ben bets 525k now. Craig has maybe 1.3million left. He's in the tank. He calls. Ben shows As8s for the Straight and it's good. Craig now short with maybe 850k. Ben has about 5.3million.

23:06: Ben getting the best of it so far, increasing his stack a bit.

23:04: A few small pots back and forward so far.

23:02: Play has recommenced.

23:01: Approx counts heads up:

Craig Smith 2.8million
Ben Caird 3.5million

22:58: Short break before heads up begins.

22:55: Ben opens, Jim rams all in for 1.4million, Ben calls. It's Ben's QQ vs Jim's 22. Despite a dangerous Flop Ben manages to hold to eliminate Jim Glen in 3rd place for £3,000


22:53: Craig plays one vs Jim there. Craig wins it. Missed the action but maybe a little over a 1million chip pot.

22:51: Talal shoves 535k from the SB with KQ and Ben snaps with QQ. The Ladies hold and Talal is out in 4th for £2,050.

22:50: Craig shoves from the SB into Talal who has about 500k. He folds.

22:49: Ben makes it 115k from the Button. Craig calls from the BB. Flop 7c5h4s. Craig check/folds to a bet from Ben.

22:48: Craig makes it 100k UTG. Ben calls from the SB. Flop Ts5c5s. Check/Check. Turn 6d. Check/Check. River 7d. Check/Check. Ben wins with As2c for Ace High.

22:47: Blinds up.

6th August 2017 @ 22:56
Thomas Mullen
Dealer of death has arrived!
6th August 2017 @ 23:34
stephen bradshaw
well done ben great play mate
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