Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 22 (15000/30000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 20:49


22:00: Jim raises and takes the next one.

21:58: 60k from Craig on the Button. Talal and Ben call from the blinds. Flop Ks7c5s. Talal checks, Ben fires 50k, Craig calls. Turn Kc. Ben bets 85k (he has about 400k behind). Craig gives it up.

21:57: Jose open-shoves for about 335k. No one interested.

21:55: Stephen opens to 90k on the Button and Jim 3bets to 215k from the SB. Back to Stephen and he tank/folds.

21:53: Craig opens to 60k UTG. Andrew calls from the SB. They both check the 9d4c2s Flop. Turn King. Andrew shoves. Craig calls! It's Andrew's KQ vs Craig's AK. No help on the River and Andrew Fulton is out in 7th for £1,050. Fast and furious action here in Glasgow! Craig now applying for planning permission for a lake on his castle's grounds.

21:52: Jose opens to 60k on the Button and Stephen 3bets to 165k from the SB. Jose folds.

21:49: Peter opens to 85k and Craig calls in position. Heads up. Flop 984. Peter shoves immediately. Craig calls just as quickly. Peter is on the steal with Kd2d and Craig has slow-played Aces! A safe run-out sees Peter out in 8th place for £850 and Craig building an extension on his castle.

21:47: Stephen opens to 90k UTG. No callers.

21:45: Jose makes it 75k (also known as a "Cheung" in Glasgow) UTG. Stephen 3bets to 200k on his immediate left. Jose mucks it fairly quickly.

21:44: Limp from Jose UTG+1. The blinds complete and check. Flop 766. Jose and Craig fold to a 35k bet from Talal. He shows a Seven.

21:42: Jim limps the Button for 30k, Peter folds the SB and Craig checks the BB. Flop K62. Craig check/folds to a bet from Jim.

21:41: Jose raises to 80k from the Hijack. Jim 3bets to 250k from the SB. Jose folds.

21:40: Walk for Jim.

21:39: Folded to the SB (Stephen) and he raises to 115k. Andrew folds his BB.

21:38: Walk for Stephen.

21:37: Stephen limps for 30k UTG. Jose ships for 291k from the BB. Stephen calls. He has 77 and Jose JJ. The Jacks hold and he doubles up.

21:36: Who do you fancy for the win? Comment below and let us know please.

21:35: Craig opens to 60k on the Button. No callers.

21:34: First pot goes to Jim. A small one.

21:32: Starting now!

21:29: FT with approx stacks for the players:

Peter Scott 620k
Craig Smith 1.36million
Talal Hamodi 683k
Ben Caird 760k
Jose "Russo333" Placido 380k
Stephen Bradshaw 1.25million
Andrew Fulton 613k
Jim Glen 700k

21:23: Reminder of the cashers so far and remaining prizes:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700 Gary Scullion
10th £550 Ronnie Ballantyne
11th £450 Darren Tomlinson
12th £400 Donald Cumming
13th £350 Alen Wilkie
14th £350 Kyle Swan
15th £300 Richard Watson
16th £300 Jamie Whyte
17th £250 Colin Malcolm
18th £250 Paul Brown

21:21: Players on a short break while we prepare for the FT.

21:18: At the same time Gary is eliminated from the other table! We are going to the FT 8-handed. Dramatic stuff here at Tartan Poker. Gary Scullion 9th for £700.

21:17: Ronnie all in on the Flop with Kd9d Flush Draw vs Stephen's JT Top Pair. He holds and Ronnie is out in 10th for £550.

21:15: Massive double up for Craig (JJ) vs Jim (TT) all in pre-flop SB vs BB. Craig had 671k and doubled it. Jim now down to about 750k.

21:12: Double up for Peter. He raised to 80k on the Button with AA and got a call from Gary with KT. On the Ten High Flop Gary check/called Peter's 180k shove. The Aces held. Gary now very short with about 75k.

21:08: Now a Walk for Ben on Table 1.

21:07: Small limped BvB pots on both tables. Talal takes one and Jim the other.

21:04: Jim opens to 80k UTG. Craig ships from the BB. Jim gives it up.

21:02: Back in action. Craig all in for 288k with AJ vs Ronnie's AQ. Nae bother for Craig though as he Turns the Nut Straight to double.

20:50: Players still on break. Here are the approx counts with 10 left:

Table 1
Peter Scott 380k
Ben Caird 575k
Gary Scullion 405k
Jose "Russo333" Placido 480k
Talal Hamodi 600k

Table 2
Andrew Fulton 750k
Stephen Bradshaw 890k
Craig Smith 315k
Jim Glen 1.4million
Ronnie Ballantyne 540k

6th August 2017 @ 21:29
your uodates have been brilliant, really enjoyed it, thank you!!
6th August 2017 @ 21:31
* updates even
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