Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 20:03


20:44: Break time now. Double up for Placido last hand with AcTc vs Ben's KJo all in pre-flop.

20:39: Break in 3 mins. Chip counts coming soon.

20:37: Ronnie opens to 43k and calls when Stephen 3bets to 66k from the blinds. Stephen fires 100k on the Five High Flop and Ronnie folds.

20:28: We have a break in 15 mins, assuming we don't lose the 10th place player before that.

20:26: Big crowd on the rail for Stephen Bradshaw's AdKd all in pre-flop vs Andrew Fulton's TT. Stephen hits a King to double up. Still 10 players left.

20:22: Craig Smith open-shoved the last couple of hands for about 300k. No callers.

20:20: Here's a reminder of the cashers so far and the remaining prizes:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700
10th £550
11th £450 Darren Tomlinson
12th £400 Donald Cumming
13th £350 Alen Wilkie
14th £350 Kyle Swan
15th £300 Richard Watson
16th £300 Jamie Whyte
17th £250 Colin Malcolm
18th £250 Paul Brown

20:17: They're not hanging about there. Darren Tomlinson out in 11th for £450. 1 more to go before the FT now!

20:15: Donald Cumming all in with 33 soon after and can't find any way out vs Ben Caird's KK. Donald Cumming out in 12th for £400.

20:12: Double up for Peter Scott with KJ all in pre-flop vs Donald Cumming's QQ. Peter on about 450k now and Donald in trouble with about 70k.

20:10: Here are the remaining 12 players over 2 tables. We have a break in 30 mins. Will get the full chip counts then unless we lose 3 quickly and go to the FT. That would be nice...

Table 1
Donald Cumming
Peter Scott
Ben Caird
Gary Scullion
Jose "Russo333" Placido
Talal Hamodi

Table 2
Andrew Fulton
Stephen Bradshaw
Craig Smith
Jim Glen
Darren Tomlinson
Ronnie Ballantyne

20:07: Alen Wilkie all in with 88 vs Andrew Fulton's AQ pre-flop. Looking good for Alen's double until the River brings a Queen to send him out in 13th for £350.

20:06: Kyle Swan all in pre-flop with JJ vs Talal Hamodi's KcQc. Talal makes 2-pair and Kyle is walking. 14th for £350.

20:04: Blinds up! Getting chunky now with 14 left. The final table will be 9 handed so 5 more to go.

6th August 2017 @ 20:40
Jamie Whyte
Amazing job with the blog updates and pictures. Great for scottish poker
6th August 2017 @ 20:41
loving it!!
6th August 2017 @ 20:59
Thanks guys!
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