Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 19:23


20:02: Ronnie opens the next pot and wins that with no contest.

20:01: Limp for 16k from Ronnie Ballantyne but he folds, as does everyone else, when Andrew Fulton shoves for about 340k.

19:59: On the other table Jose "Russo333" Placido makes it 56k from the cut-off. No callers. Shows Q3o.

19:58: Darren Tomlinson opens the Button for 37k. No callers. He shows an Ace.

19:55: Here's the latest with 14 left:

19:50: Richard Watson out in 15th for £300. His 22 all in pre-flop no good vs Ronnie Ballantyne's Aces.

19:46: Jamie Whyte all in pre-flop with 66 vs Ben Caird's KK. No suckout and Jamie is out in 16th for £300.

19:45: Big one on Table 2. Craig Smith opens the Button to 32k and Jim Glen 3bets to 66k from the BB. Craig peels. Flop QhJh6d. Jim bets 100k, Craig calls. Turn 8s. Jim bets 175k, Craig calls. Craig has about 350k behind and Jim 700k. River 7s and Jim immediately shoves all in. The pot is around 700k already before Jim's shove. Craig thinks it over but elects to fold in the end. He asks Jim to "show one time". Jim declines.

19:40: Talal Hamodi been spinning up his stack. Maybe 450-500k now.

19:36: Another double up for Ronnie Ballantyne all in pre-flop with K9 vs A4.

19:32: Peter Scott opens to 35k UTG. Called by Gary Scullion and Jose "Russo333" Placido in position. Flop KcTc7s. Peter shoves his 169k all in. Both fold. Placido says he "lost the minimum" as he shows Jacks. Peter shows a King.

19:27: Double up for Donald Cumming. His A7 all in pre-flop sucking out vs A9. He has about 200k now.

19:25: Colin Malcolm (A6) shoves his last 81k all in and is called by Craig Smith (55). Craig holds and Colin is out in 17th for £250.

19:23: Blinds up.

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