Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 18 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 17:48


18:24: On Table 3, Craig Smith opens to 20k and gets calls from Jim Glen in position and Alen Wilkie from the BB. Flop 4s5c6c. Craig c-bets 35k then Jim raises to 75k. Alen and Craig both quickly fold.

18:19: As we're on the Bubble the next break is on hold till we lose a player.

18:16: On Table 3, Ronnie Ballantyne opens for 22k. Alen Wilkie 3bets to 70k. Ronnie mucks it. Ronnie has mabye 130k left now.

18:13: Here's a reminder of the payouts:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700
10th £550
11th £450
12th £400
13th £350
14th £350
15th £300
16th £300
17th £250
18th £250
19th £0 :-(

18:12: Scott Meldrum out in 20th place. We are now on the Bubble with 19 left.

18:09: Talal Hamodi having a wee stretch earlier while contemplating an all in from Dennis Shaw pre-flop. He ended up folding, showing KsJs. Dennis showed TT.

18:07: Average Stack 313,800 with 20 left.

18:05: Steven Anderson out in 21st.

18:04: Here are the seating arranagements with 21 left, 3 x 7 handed tables.

Table 1
Donald Cumming
Peter Scott
Kyle Swan
Paul Brown
Ben Caird
Gary Scullion
Jose Placido

Table 2
Stephen Bradshaw
Colin Malcolm
Dennis Shaw
Talal Hamodi
Darren Tomlinson
Jamie Whyte
Andrew Fulton

Table 3
Steven Anderson
Alen Wilkie
Craig Smith
Richard Watson
Jim Glen
Ronnie Ballantyne
Scott Meldrum

18:03: Mark McMenamin out. Think we're down to 21 now. 3 off the money. Exciting.

17:58: Nick Crozer and Sean Spalding also reporting to the rail :-(

17:57: Steve Martin out with 99 all in pre-flop for 237k vs Alen Wilkie's AA.

17:53: We have 25 left. Break after the end of Level 18 in about half an hour. Will get the full chip counts then.

17:48: Blinds up. Here are the biggest stacks at the moment. Pinks 25k, Blacks 5k, Greens 1k & Whites 500.

6th August 2017 @ 18:12
really enjoying these wee updates, im even getting excited from the couch, thanks!! x
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