Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 17 (4000/8000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 17:11


17:39: We have a £1/2 NL cash game running on the side. Currently 6 handed so 3 seats open. £40 minumum buy-in, no maximum.

17:38: GK Kamal out now.

17:36: Here's a pic of Stephen Bradshaw as requested by Annie. He's on about 410k at the moment.

17:34: Double up for Donald Cumming with KK vs AQ all in pre-flop.

17:32: George Wilson not having such a good time any more; he's oot.

17:30: Ronnie Ballantyne opens to 17k and Alen Wilkie ships for 137k. Ronnie calls with AK. Alen has AJ. Ends up in a Chop though.

17:25: Team Tartan. One in the game and one on the rail supporting.

17:22: Free tea and coffee for tournament players here at the casino. They've even helpfully labelled it just in case you get mixed up.

17:20: Ben Caird opens to 17k but folds when Sean Spalding (pictured below) shoves for about 62k.

17:15: Here's George Wilson. Short but still having a good time.

17:12: Chip Leader, Jim Glen.

17:10: Blinds up!

6th August 2017 @ 17:42
lol, thank you fr the pic, no so sure hel thank you, looks like weight of world on his shoulders lol, cheers!! x
6th August 2017 @ 17:45
Mark Thomson
Who was the dude in the ski mask?
6th August 2017 @ 17:54
Ski Mask Dude = Jose Placido
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