Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 16 (3000/6000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 16:15


17:03: Peter Scott involved again soon after. Looks like he's made it 17 or 18k and Ben Caird has shoved for 112k. Peter calls with 88 but doesn't improve vs Ben's KK. Jose Placido is the most animated player during the hand as he celebrates folding JJ.

16:58: Brian O'Shea all in pre-flop for 162k with AcKc vs Peter Scott's JJ. The pair holds and Brian is out in 28th place.

15:57: GK Kamal opens to 15k UTG+1, called by Jim Glen then Ronnie Ballantyne shoves all in for about 130k. GK re-ships for more and Jim folds. GK has AK and Ronnie AJ. A decent flop for Ronnie as he flops Broadway and holds to double!

16:53: Marco out a couple of hands later. We've also lost Michelle Gibson, Stuart McNally and Barry Mills. 28 remain. 10 to the money!

16:51: Craig Smith opens to 12k and calls when Marco Ogan 3bets to 26k in position. Flop Td7s3s. Craig checks and Marco bets 43k. Craig has a good think then shoves for 141k total. Marco calls after a wee deliberation and shows QQ. He's is good shape vs Craig's JTo. Turn 3c. River..... Tc. Craig makes Trips to win the chunky pot. Marco now short.

16:42: Paul Brown raises to 12k, Jose Placido calls then Stuart McNally 3bets to 44k in position. Back to Paul Brown and he shoves for 93k. Jose tank/folds showing 99. Stuart calls and has 9s as well! Paul says he was "just stealing" and tables Ad8d. He gets there with a couple of Aces on the board though and doubles up.

16:35: John Canning gone.

16:32: Double up for Craig Smith (in the cap enjoying a wee biscuit) with QQ vs AJ all in pre-flop. Craig holds and looks like he's up to about 180k now.

16:31: Dean Kay also gone.

16:27: Roger Naughton and Peter Hoyer also both gone quickly.

16:26: Quick exit for Gary Laing all in for his last 35k with KQ pre-flop, going down to Colin Malcolm's 88.

16:23: Back in action. Now 4 x 9 handed tables.

16:15: Full, but approximate, counts for all remaining players. 36 of 'em.

Table 1
Michelle Gibson 58k
Peter Scott 389k
Dean Kay 75k
Paul Brown 120k
Brian O'Shea 150k
John Canning 92k
Stuart McNally 161k

Table 2
Richard Watson 190k
Nick Crozer 140k
Colin Malcolm 420k
Dennis Shaw 220k
Talal Hamodi 140k
Darren Tomlinson 170k
Andrew Fulton 215k

Table 3
Scott Meldrum 260k
Ronnie Ballantyne 165k
Marco Ogan 220k
Kyle Swan 101k
Craig Smith 90k
Barry Mills 66k
Steven Anderson 310k

Table 4
Sean Spalding 71k
Stephen Bradshaw 380k
Alen Wilkie 200k
Gary Scullion 143k
Steve Martin 240k
Mark McMenamin 178k
George Wilson 127k
Donald Cumming 80k

Table 5
Peter Hoyer 68k
Ben Caird 145k
Jose Placido 180k
Jim Glen 540k
Jamie Whyte 61k
Gary Laing 35k
GK Kamal 155k

6th August 2017 @ 16:54
more pics please??
6th August 2017 @ 16:55
Anyone in particular?
6th August 2017 @ 17:18
steven bradshaw? x
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