Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 15 (2000/4000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 15:24


16:03: Players on a 20 minute break.

16:00: John Burns shoves his last 5.3k with Pocket 2s. Dennis Shaws raises to isolate with Ad7d and everyone else folds. Dennis makes Trips to send John packing.

15:57: Sandy Tong heading for the exit. Down to 36 now. Break in 5 mins.

15:53: John Burns loses 70k or so with JJ vs Andrew Fulton's AA. John down to about 8k now. I think John raised and called when Andrew 3bet pre-flop then John then check/shoved all in on the Queen High Flop and Andrew quickly called and gave him the bad news.

15:49: We have a few of the stylish Tartan Poker hoodies being worn today.

15:47: Dennis Shaw isn't messing about. After Richard Watson opens to 11.1k he 3bets to 27k. Richard folds and Dennis lets him see Pocket 6s. Dennis is the blog's #1 fan and of course he's keeping up to date while he plays today.

15:45: Gary Scullion gets all in pre-flop with A9 vs Donald Cumming's KK but it's not a big problem for Gary as he hits a Full House to double.

15:42: First break of the day in 20 mins. Chip counts coming then.

15:41: Kenny Turner is no longer participating in the tournament. He's oot.

15:40: Looks like an open from Mark McMenamin and a call from Alen Wilkie before Gary Scullion (thumbs up) shoves all in. Both others fold. Alen showed AJ and Gary JJ.

15:37: Love Mishra also out. Down to 39 now. Still a long way to the money as 18 places are paid. Min cash is £250 and £7,000 for 1st.

15:34: Maj Iqbal is out. He picked up a few big pairs earlier but got outdrawn and just lost JJ vs AK a few minutes ago. His last few chips just went in blind and he got a call from 8s7s. Maj was actually ahead with T4o but lost when his opponent spiked a Seven.

15:29: Dennis Shaw opens one on Table 3, no callers and he takes the blinds and antes.

15:28: Stuart McNally opens to 8k from the cut-off and calls when Peter Scott 3bets to 18k from the SB. Stuart calls. Flop AhQdQs. Peter chucks in 15k and Stuart quickly folds.

15:24: Start of the day Chip Leader Colin Malcolm looks to still be in the top spot with maybe 430k now. Stephen Bradshaw also doing well with about 400k. He started the day with 252k. Marco Ogan also chipping up well with about 330k now. He started with 135k.

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