Tartan Poker Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 13 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th August 2017 @ 12:50


14:40: Blinds up in 2 mins. Just been away taking some player pics. Adding them soon.

14:32: On Table 4, Craig Smith opens the cut-off to 5.1k and Marco Ogan calls from the BB. Flop KsJhTs. Marco check/calls 6k. Turn 6h. Both check. River Th. Both check again. Craig is good with A9 for Ace High. Marco showed 98o.

14:27: Here are the confirmed prizes:

1st £7,000
2nd £4,200
3rd £3,000
4th £2,050
5th £1,700
6th £1,350
7th £1,050
8th £850
9th £700
10th £550
11th £450
12th £400
13th £350
14th £350
15th £300
16th £300
17th £250
18th £250

14:23: We've also lost James Kirkwood and Dariuz Bulak. 48 remain.

14:20: George Wilson opens and Maj Iqbal jams all in for about 32k. George makes the easy call with QQ and is looking good vs Maj's Tc8c. However, Maj turns an Open-ender and rivers the Straight to stay alive and double up!

14:16: Elaine Dorrian also out from Table 5. Now at 50.

14:15: Joseph McCrystal gets all in pre-flop with 77 but is in bad shape vs Peter Scott's JJ. The Hooks hold and Joseph is heading for the door.

14:10: On Table 3, Chip Leader Colin Malcolm adds to his castle with AA vs JJ against Colin Currie. Colin is out in 53rd place. They got the chips all in on the Ten High Flop then both hit Sets for fun on the Turn & River but it changed nothing.

14:07: On Table 4, Craig Smith opens the Button to 5.1k and gets calls from Kyle Swan and Kenny Turner. Both fold to Craig's 7k c-bet on the 6h5h5s Flop however.

14:05: First hand on Table 5 Roger Naughton opens and George Wilson 3bets. Back to Roger and he shoves for 81,200. George, with him covered, makes the call with QQ and is against AK. George flops Top Set and holds to send Roger to the rail.

14:01: Lost 6 players in the first hand! Nah, just kidding.

13:58: About to start now. Yeehaa!

13:30: Half an hour to go and a few players are starting to arrive. We have 6 x 9 handed tables to begin with 54 players total. Average Stack is 116,200. The number of prizes are based on unique entries so we have 18 paid. Will post the figures above shortly.

11:55: Day 2 of Tartan Poker's first £25,000 event at Alea Glasgow starts today at 2pm. We'll have full coverage here from the first hand dealt to the crowning of the Champion.

Day 2 Chip Counts & Seating

Day 2 Structure

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