Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 26 (30000/60000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 23:32


23:55: That's me signing off now. Hope you enjoyed the blog!

23:54: A full list of all prizes paid out:

1st £11,300 Barry Mills
2nd £6,640 Andreas Wiborg
3rd £4,380 Stuart McNally
4th £3,280 Roddy MacNeil
5th £2,550 Elias Saad
6th £2,150 Ian Swan
7th £1,750 Lisa Ferris
8th £1,550 Simon Griffin
9th £1,350 David Rooney
10th £1,100 William Hens
11th £900 Tony Gray
12th £900 Val Gray
13th £750 Mariusz Lewonieski
14th £750 Adrian Nica
15th £600 Dennis Malik
16th £600 Pawel Andrearczyk
17th £500 James MacAuley
18th £500 Jim Kristian Flotre
19th £450 Petter Kastard
20th £450 Colin Malcolm
21st £450  Eddie Sung
22nd £450 Josef Panahi
23rd £450 Rens Van Meegen

23:50: Here is the Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow Champion, Barry Mills:

23:41: Andreas opens to 230k. Barry 3bets to 460k. Andreas calls. Flop AsJs3d. Barry leads for 600k, Andreas shoves! Barry makes the call but is caught with 55. Andreas has Ah2h for Top Pair and is well ahead. The Turn comes 8c but the UNBELIEVABLE RIVER is the FIVE OF HEARTS! Barry hits a Set to win the tournament!

23:40: Small one for Andreas next.

23:39: Andreas opens the Button to 230k, Barry calls. Flop KsQs2c. Barry check/raises a 250k bet. Andreas snap-mucks.

23:38: Barry gives Andreas a Walk.

23:37: Andreas gives Barry a Walk.

23:37: Barry makes it 230k on the Button. No call.

23:36: Next pot to Barry.

23:36: Barry makes it 225k. No call.

23:35: Andreas raises the Button, Barry folds.

23:34: Small pot to Andreas next.

23:33: Walk for Andeas.

9th October 2016 @ 23:52
Campbell Sarrison
great stuff martin
10th October 2016 @ 0:21
John Angus
I second that emotion.......
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