Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 22:42


23:32: Blinds up!

23:31: Andreas now has 1.7 million.

23:30: Barry raises the Button all in. Andreas calls! Andreas doubles up with 99 vs Jc8c.

23:29: Walk for Barry.

23:27: Massive hand for Barry there. Andreas tried a 500k river bluff but Barry immediately moved all in. Andreas down to just over 900k now it looks like.

23:26: Here's what they're playing for. No deals at all today so far.

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640

23:23: This epic battle looks like being even more exciting that the Trump vs Hillary heads up match scheduled for 2am UK time tonight...

23:18: Here are some approx counts heads up. Very rough as neither player is stacking their chips in even stacks and we have 100ks in play now.

Andreas Wiborg 1.9 million
Barry Mills 2.8 million

23:16: Heads up in progress. Barry immediately won a big one from Andreas when he shoved the Turn. Andreas thought it over but folded in the end. Missed most of the hand as I was writing up Stuart's exit unfortunately.

23:10: Stuart all in from the SB with 96o soon after. Barry call with A3 and holds. Stuart McNally is our 3rd place finisher for £4,380.

23:05: Stuart vs Barry here. They get it all in on the Turn when Stuart has KK for an over-pair and Barry Jd7d Flush Draw & Gutshot. Barry gets there on the River and doubles up! Stuart down to a bit less than 200k now.

23:02: Stuart opens the Button, Andreas calls. Flop Kd8s5c. Andreas check/calls 125k. Turn 5d. Now Andreas bets 350k against the flow. Stuart calls. River Qc. Andreas bets 400k. Stuart in the tank. He gives Andreas the old stare down then lets it go.

23:01: Andreas opens the Button for 125k, Barry calls. Flop Ks4s2s. Barry checks, Andreas checks. Turn 2c. Barry check/folds to a 125k bet.

23:00: Barry makes it 150k on the Button, Andreas 3bets from the SB. Barry folds.

22:59: Barry makes it 150k from the SB this time. No call.

22:58:  Andreas' turn to make it 125k on the Button. Same result.

22:57: Barry's turn to raise to 125k on the Button. No action.

22:56: Stuart opens the Button to 125k. No action.

22:54: A couple of rake-and-take-its. Next, Stuart makes it 125k from the SB, Barry folds. Stuart shows QQ.

22:53: Stuart limps the SB, Barry checks. Checked all the way till Barry bets the River for 125k. Stuart calls, Barry, mucks. Stuart takes the pot without showing his hand.

22:52: Stuart suggested to the other 2 that they adjust the prizes so 3rd is guaranteed at least £5k. They weren't keen. No deal.

22:51: We're back! First hand Barry raises from the SB, Andreas 3bets to 350k, Barry calls. Flop 8h6h5h. Barry check/folds to a 225k continuation bet.

22:44: Here's a reminder of the payouts remaining and so far:

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280 Roddy MacNeil
5th £2,550 Elias Saad
6th £2,150 Ian Swan
7th £1,750 Lisa Ferris
8th £1,550 Simon Griffin
9th £1,350 David Rooney
10th £1,100 William Hens
11th £900 Tony Gray
12th £900 Val Gray
13th £750 Mariusz Lewonieski
14th £750 Adrian Nica
15th £600 Dennis Malik
16th £600 Pawel Andrearczyk
17th £500 James MacAuley
18th £500 Jim Kristian Flotre
19th £450 Petter Kastard
20th £450 Colin Malcolm
21st £450  Eddie Sung
22nd £450 Josef Panahi
23rd £450 Rens Van Meegen

22:43: Players back from break in 5 mins. Here are the chip counts 3 handed:

Andreas Wiborg 1.849 million
Stuart McNally 1.414 million
Barry Mills  1.658 million

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