Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 22:00


22:39: Break time! Back in 10 minutes.

22:38: Andreas takes a medium-sized pot from Stuart there.

22:34: Break coming up in 3 minutes.

22:32: Roddy shoves for 379k with QhTh. Andreas makes the call with KJo. He holds up and Roddy is out in 4th for £3,280.

22:29: The Final 4:

Roddy MacNeil

Stuart McNally

Andreas Wiborg

Barry Mills

22:24: Stuart raises to 120k from the SB, Barry calls. Flop AcTs3h. Stuart continues for 100k, Barry calls. Turn 4c. Stuart asks if he's on a Flush draw. Barry says No. Check/Check. River 7d. Stuart checks, Barry bets 150k. Stuart folds.

22:23: Andreas makes it 100k from the SB. Stuart folds his BB.

22:22: Barry opens the Button to 125k. All fold.

22:21: Stuart and Barry tangling in a pot now. Barry has just min-raised the River to 300k. Stuart tank/folds, showing T5 for 2 Pair. Barry shows a Flush (8d6d).

22:20: Roddy has about 550k. Andreas about 1.1million. Barry 1million.

22:19: Stuart has over 2 million now!

22:18: Stuart calls Roddy's raise the next hand and wins it when he rivers trips. Missed the rest of the action.

22:16: Roddy ships and takes it. Stuart tells him he's "going to get stung soon" if he keeps shoving.

22:12: Stuart makes it 100k on the Button. Elias ships for 215k. Stuart calls. It's Stuart's KT vs Elias' A3. Stuart flops Trip Tens and Elias is dead on the Turn and out despite rivering a Full House of his own. He was 5th for £2,550.

22:11: Stuart limps the SB, Elias checks. Flop Th6d5c. Check/Check. Turn Ad. Check/Check. River 7c. Check/Check. Stuart wins with 8s5s.

22:10: Roddy must be happier with his stack now as he opens to only 85k on the Button this time. Still no callers however.

22:09: Roddy shoves all of his chippies in the middle. No interest.

22:08: Walk for Roddy.

22:07: Walk for Barry.

22:06: Small one BvsB, Stuart vs Elias. Stuart takes it.

22:05: Roddy shoves all in from the Button. No call.

22:04: All players locked up £2,550 now:

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280
5th £2,550

22:03: Latest approx stacks:

Andreas Wiborg 1.25million
Stuart McNally 1.5million
Elias Saad 400k
Barry Mills 1.25million
Roddy MacNeil 500k

22:00: Blinds up! 5 players remain.

9th October 2016 @ 22:31
Dennis Shaw
We have been missing these blogs in all the top tournaments Great blog Martin well done.
9th October 2016 @ 22:43
Go Stu
9th October 2016 @ 22:43
Go Stu
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