Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 23 (16000/32000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 21:18


21:51: Stuart makes it 75k in the cut-off. Elias calls on the Button. Ian shoves from the BB. It's 437k. Back to Stuart and he's thinking. He still thinking. He shoves all in for more! Elias gets out the way. Big Swanning is on the steal and has KTo. Stuart has AQ. A Ten on the flop gives Ian hope but an Ace on the Turn and a Blank River send him out in 6th for £2,150.

21:48: Ian opens to 65k. Barry calls from the BB. Flop AdQd8s. Barry check/calls 60k from Ian. Turn 3h. Barry checks, Ian checks. River Qs. Barry now leads for 160k. Ian snap-folds.

21:44: In a small pot where Stuart limped the SB he overbets 175k on the River and gets a call from Elias. Stuart has 87o and flopped Trips.

21:43: Roddy shoves the Button. No action.

21:40: Roddy makes it 75k from the SB. Andreas calls in the BB. Flop 9c8h2s. Roddy bets 80k. called. Turn Th. Roddy checks, Andreas bets 135k. Roddy tank/calls. River Ts. Roddy checks, Andreas checks. Roddy has AJ, Andreas 55. Andreas takes it with 2 Pair.

21:39: Walk for Roddy.

21:38: Roddy opens to 65k UTG. Ian shoves from the BB. Roddy snap-folds.

21:37: Ok, here are the approx counts 6 handed:

Andreas Wiborg 980k
Stuart McNally 650k
Elias Saad 730k
Barry Mills 1.2million
Ian Swan 540k
Roddy MacNeil 800k

21:35: I'll see if I can estimate the chip stacks now. Back in a bit.

21:34: Elias makes it 150k (yes, one hundred and fifty thousand) UTG. No callers.

21:33: A walk for Roddy.

21:32: Anyone still reading this? Say Hello in the comments. It will make me feel warm inside.

21:30: Andreas opens to 75k in the Hijack. No action.

21:28: Roddy, undeterred, opens to 65k again next hand. Andreas 3bets to 150k in position. Back to Roddy and he throws them into the muck.

21:27: Roddy opens to 65k in the cut-off. Call from Andreas on the Button. Stuart, in the SB, has a wee think then jams all in! Roddy folds. Andreas is thinking about it. He also folds. Stuart's shove was for about 350k.

21:26: Next pot for Elias. No calls on his pre-flop raise.

21:25: Spurred on by the tasty biscuits, Ian opens to 70k on the Button and takes it down.

21:24: Nice wee biscuit selction for Ian Swan to enjoy with his cup of tea:

21:23: Roddy opens to 64k UTG. No callers.

21:21: Andreas opens again. 64k this time. No callers.

21:20: Andreas opens the Button to 65k. No callers.

21:19: The big blind is 32k now. Not cheap. Andreas raises from the SB to 75k. Stuart in the BB, calls. Flop ThTs5h. Andreas leads and Stuart calls. Turn Qc. Check/Check. River 6d. Check/Check. Andreas wins with KK.

9th October 2016 @ 21:37
Campbell Sarrison
top job as per martin such a simple thing that really adds to the big events top man
9th October 2016 @ 21:38
Top job all day martin.
9th October 2016 @ 21:41
Tommy Noble
C'mon The SwannnnnnyDogggg!!!! Glaswegian Living Legend ;-) And GLGL McNally and Lisa - 1/2/3 any order and deal made! Brilliant Blog Mr Smith, the quality has been missed!
9th October 2016 @ 21:44
Tommy Noble
Seen Lisas out so I suppose we could add Roddie into that 1/2/3...!
9th October 2016 @ 21:50
Great updates Martin
9th October 2016 @ 22:00
John McMaster
Forgot how good live blogs were. Top work Martin, hope the TDs take notice!
9th October 2016 @ 22:14
Rens van Meegen
Nice live reporting. Good to read. Any chance anyone could tell me where to find the official photos? Cheers guys.
18th October 2016 @ 15:25
All the photos are now available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/unibetopenofficial/albums
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