Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 20:01


21:18: Level up!

21:17: Ian opens to 60k on the Button. It's good.

21:16: Stuart tries again with another 55k next hand. No callers this time. Better result for him.

21:13: Stuart makes it 55k from the Button. Elias calls from the SB. Flop AdJs2s. Elias check/calls 50k. Turn 8s. Elias check/calls 150k. River As. Elias shoves for about 300k. Stuart gives it up.

21:12: Roddy makes it 55k. No takers.

21:11: It's catching. Walk for Stuart.

21:10: A walk for Roddy.

21:09: 6 remain. All have £2,150 locked up.

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280
5th £2,550
6th £2,150

21:08: Andreas makes it 60k. Barry calls from the BB. A rare bit of post-flop poker coming right up! Flop Ad5d2c. Barry check/folds to an 85k bet.

21:07: Barry opens to 65k. He wins it.

21:04: Lisa open-shoves, Roddy raises. No other callers. Its her Ac4c vs his ATo. She flops a Gutshot, turns a Flush Draw but bricks out on the River to go out in 7th place for £1,750.

21:01: Ian moves all in next hand. Looks like about 280k. Simon calls with the shorter stack. It's Ian's AJ vs Simon's KQ. Ian hits an Ace to send Simon out in 8th for £1,550.

21:00: Lisa shoves the Button next hand for 179k with A9. Simon chucks in his last chips and has woken up with AK. He doubles his 58k stack through Lisa.

20:58: Next hand Simon opens and calls with JJ when Andreas shoves for about 350k with AA. The Aces hold again and Andreas doubles up. Simon in the BB now with about 30k behind.

20:54: Elias shoves all in again. Barry tank/calls this time! It's AA vs 88. The Aces hold up and Elias doubles up.

20:53: Walk for Stuart!

20:52: Ian opens to 55k on the Button. No callers!

20:51: Elias open-shoves from the Hijack. Looks like about 250k. No callers.

20:50: Stuart raises to 50k mid-position. All fold.

20:49: Andreas opens to 60k in the Hijack. No one interested.

20:48: Elias shoves from the SB into Simon. No call.

20:47: New development. Barry limps UTG+1 for 24k. Stuart makes it 80k on the Button. Back to Barry and he gives it up.

20:45: Ian open shoves for 261k. Andreas asks for a count. He folds as do the others. One for the Swannydog.

20:44: Andreas completes from the SB. Staurt raises to 75k. Andreas calls. Flop AcTc5d. Andreas checks, Stuart bets 75k. Andreas in the tank here. He decides to give it up in the end.

20:43: Lisa shoves again. Gets it through again. Shows AK this time.

20:41: Lisa shoves for 173k. Ian Swan thinks about it in the BB. He..... folds.

20:40: Barry raises to 60k and David shoves all in! Barry calls and shows JJ. He's against AK. The Jacks hold and David Rooney is out in 9th for £1,350.

20:39: Swan raises the next hand and wins the blinds and antes.

20:35: Folded to Stuart in the SB. He raises to 72k. Lisa shoves! He snap-calls. Stuart has AK vs Lisa's 33. He hits a King on the Turn to double up his 302k stack. Lisa down about 200k.

20:34: Roddy opens to 55k from the cut-off. No action!

20:33: Barry opens to 60k UTG. Once again, no callers.

20:32: Simon opens the next one, no action.

20:31: Lisa opens to 61k now. Elias shoves all in! Lisa calls! Both have AK though. Chop it up!

20:30: Lisa opens to 56k this time, no callers.

20:29: Andreas opens one to 56k, no callers.

20:25: David all in for his remaining 129k and called by Elias! It's KJ vs 99 and this time David wins, doubling up.

20:24: No messing about here! First hand Elias Saad shoves his 185k all in with 55 and is called by David Rooney with KK. Elias flops a Set and doubles up!

20:20: Ok, here we go! Here are the players in seat order:

1 Andreas Wiborg 333k
2 Stuart McNally 368k
3 Lisa Ferris 470k
4 Elias Saad 185k
5 Simon Griffin 514k
6 Barry Mills 1,650k
7 Ian Swan 326k
8 Roddy MacNeil 759k
9 David Rooney 317k

20:12: Here's a reminder of the payouts:

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280
5th £2,550
6th £2,150
7th £1,750
8th £1,550
9th £1,350
10th £1,100 William Hens
11th £900 Tony Gray
12th £900 Val Gray
13th £750 Mariusz Lewonieski
14th £750 Adrian Nica
15th £600 Dennis Malik
16th £600 Pawel Andrearczyk
17th £500 James MacAuley
18th £500 Jim Kristian Flotre
19th £450 Petter Kastard
20th £450 Colin Malcolm
21st £450  Eddie Sung
22nd £450 Josef Panahi
23rd £450 Rens Van Meegen

20:11: The Final 9 in stack size order:

Barry Mills 1,650k
Roddy MacNeil 759k
Simon Griffin 514k
Lisa Ferris 470k
Stuart McNally 368k
Andreas Wiborg 333k
Ian Swan 326k
David Rooney 317k
Elias Saad 185k

20:01: Players on a break as we prep for the final table. Back soon with the chip counts.

9th October 2016 @ 20:14
Jonathan Bradley
Thanks for the updates, nice to have updates on the UK tour come and do Manchester :)
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