Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 19:16


19:54: We've just lost William Hens in 10th place on the last hand before the break! He was all in with KhTh vs Simon Griffin's Aces! The Bullets held and William is 10th for £1,100. Break time now and we'll be back soon for the Final Table.

19:51: We have a 20 minute break coming up in 3 minutes. Unless of course we lose a player in 10th place before that.

19:48: Barry now on about 1.5 million. Roddy won the next hand vs Andreas and is back up to about 800k though.

19:40: Big hand for Barry Mills vs Roddy MacNeil. Roddy opened in late position and Barry 3bet from the blinds. Roddy decided to call and take a Flop. It came down Ah5h3s and both players checked. Turn 4d and Barry now bets 150k, Roddy calls. River 3h, pairing the board and bringing the 3rd Heart. Barry bets 250k and Roddy calls immediately. Barry shows AA for Aces Full and it's good.

19:30: 10 players left now. We go to the Final Table once we hit 9 so still playing on with 3 x 5 handed tables at the moment.

19:29: Tony Gray all in next hand with A9 for his remaining chips. He is against A5 and gets unlucky! He's out in 11th for £900.

19:27: Nice pot for Barry Mills there vs Tony Gray. Barry called Tony's 150k River Bet with Second Pair and it was good. Tony showed KJ for King High.

19:22: Here's a wee reminder of the payouts so far and what's left:

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280
5th £2,550
6th £2,150
7th £1,750
8th £1,550
9th £1,350
10th £1,100
11th £900
12th £900 Val Gray
13th £750 Mariusz Lewonieski
14th £750 Adrian Nica
15th £600 Dennis Malik
16th £600 Pawel Andrearczyk
17th £500 James MacAuley
18th £500 Jim Kristian Flotre
19th £450 Petter Kastard
20th £450 Colin Malcolm
21st £450  Eddie Sung
22nd £450 Josef Panahi
23rd £450 Rens Van Meegen

19:16: Level 21 now with 15 remaining. Latest approximate chip counts:

Table 1
Stuart McNally 400k
Elias Saad 340k
Lisa Ferris 310k
David Rooney 340k
Ian Swan 300k

Table 2
Tony Gray 460k
Roddy MacNeil 1.1million
William Hens 340k
Andreas Wiborg 140k
Simon Griffin 340k
Barry Mills 770k

9th October 2016 @ 19:33
May bury Geo
Great Bog Martin, wish we could get more from you, G L all left in, well done to all that cashed.
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