Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 18:35


19:15: William Hens doubles up his 143k short stack through Tony Gray. AJ vs KT and it holds up.

19:07: We've just lost Val Gray in 12th place for £900.

19:04: Roddy MacNeil opens to 46k UTG+1 and is called in position by Andreas Wiborg and in the BB by Tony Gray. The Flop comes Jd6h3d and Roddy continues for 70k after Tony checks. Andreas calls and Tony folds. Heads up. The Turn is 3c and both players Check. The River is 2h and Roddy bets 75k. Andreas calls but mucks when Roddy shows TT. Andreas down to about 225k now. Roddy about 1 million.

18:53: Mariusz Lewonieski out in 13th for £750. He got unlucky with his short stack all in AJ as Roddy MacNeil called with AT and hit Trips.

18:48: Stuart McNally doubles up all in pre-flop with KK vs David Rooney's AK. Staurt had 160k before the hand. David now to about 250k.

18:46: Double up for 68k shortie Mariusz Lewonieski with TT vs William Hens' A9.

18:44: Another one bites the dust. Adrian Nica is eliminated by Ian Swan. Ian now on a bit over 300k. Adrian Nica 14th for £750.

18:39: Just as I said no eliminations for a while we lose Dennis Malik on Table 1. His 88 all in pre-flop vs Elias Saad's AQ couldn't hold. Dennis is 15th for £600.

18:38: Tony Gray moving in the wrong direction again. He's just doubled up Barry Mills. They got it all in on a Jack High Flop with Tony holding 88 and Barry KK. Barry now has close to 800k and Tony is way down to less than 600k.

18:36: Level 20 in progress now. Still 15 left. Not lost anyone for a while.

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