Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 17:38


18:32: The £44 side event had 67 entries so the casino added £320 to make up the £3,000 guarantee.

18:30: Andreas Wiborg opens to 36k from the BB but folds quickly when Simon Griffin 3bets to 95k from the BB.

18:27: Meanwhile on Table 2, Tony Gray has just doubled up Simon Griffin. Simon had AA and they got it all on the Turn. The board was 985-5 and the River Queen didn't help Tony. Simon looks like he has 450k+ now. Tony lost a few chips from his 1.5 million peak.

18:26: Ian Swan doubles next hand with A7 vs KJ though so a small lifeline for him.

18:24: Adrian shoves his stack in from the SB with Qs3s and Ian Swan makes the call from the BB with KcJc. Ian's looking good as he flops a Jack but Adrian makes a Straight with his Queen to double up. Swan down to about 80k now and in trouble.

18:21: Lisa gets doubled up 2 hands later when shoving the Button with AdKd for 108k and being called by Adrian Nica in the BB with A2. She holds up. Adrian down to less than 100k now.

18:14: Lisa Ferris all in with QQ vs David Rooney's AQ. David hits the Ace and takes 218k from Lisa. She's down to about 120k now.

18:11: Tony Gray vs Roddy MacNeil again but a fairly small one this time that ended up a chop. Tony opened from the Button and Roddy defended from the BB. They both checked the Queen High flop. An Ace came on the Turn and Roddy check/called 25k. Then on the River it was another check/call, for 55k this time. Both players tabled A9 top Top Pair and chopped it up.

18:08: Double up for Val Gray with AQ all in pre-flop vs Dennis Malik's AT.

18:01: Roddy loses a wee bit of his new found wealth by doubling up Andreas Wiborg with QQ vs AA.

17:56: Straight into action on Table 2, Pawel Andrearczyk shoves his 164k all in UTG, Tony Gray calls but then Roddy MacNeil shoves all in for 518k! Back to Tony and he tank/folds. Roddy has AK vs Pawel's AJ and it runs out clean for him. Pawel Andrearczyk out in 16th for £600. It turns out Tony folded AJ and would have lost too.

17:53: We're back in action! Who do you fancy to win from the last 16? Stick a comment on the blog below. I get lonely here you know.

17:40: Players on a break at the moment. Here are the full, but approximate, chip counts for the last 16:

Table 1
Stuart McNally 110k
Val Gray 100k
Dennis Malik 240k
Elias Saad 150k
Lisa Ferris 270k
David Rooney 315k
Adrian Nica 235k
Ian Swan 170k

Table 2
Tony Gray 1,500k
Mariusz Lewonieski 165k
Roddy MacNeil 530k
William Hens 170k
Pawel Andrearczyk 165k
Andreas Wiborg 130k
Simon Griffin 245k
Barry Mills 315k

9th October 2016 @ 18:03
John Stewart
Tony Gray looking good, watching Roddy closely though, good luck to all.
9th October 2016 @ 18:24
Good Luck everyone but particularly to Hensie Pensie and NMPfan!
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