Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 18 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 16:52


17:26: We have a 20 minute break in 5 minutes and I'll get all the latest stack counts then. 16 remain.

17:24: Local favourite James MacAuley all in pre-flop with TT vs Dennis Malik's A9. Dennis spikes Trip 9s and sends James packing. James 17th for £500.

17:21: Simon Griffin opens to 22k UTG from a 300k stack, Roddy MacNeil calls in position then Pawel Andrearczyk jams all in for his last 65,400. Simon folds and Roddy makes the quick call with QQ. Pawel has TT and needs some help. By the Turn to board has 4 cards to a low Straight to there are 8 cards for a chop but the River brings a Ten and Pawel takes the whole lot! Roddy now has about 360k, Pawel 165k.

17:17: Tony continues his run. On a AK2 Flop and a relatively small pot he just got William Hens to fold to a bet. William showed a King for Second pair then Tony proudly tabled the 84o for No Pair/No Draw.

17:15: Tony Gray pretty close to 1.5million now so about 30% of the chips in play with 17 players remaining.

17:10: Jim Kristian Flotre out in 18th for £500.

17:05: Just arrived at Table 2 where Roddy MacNeil had bet 135k into an already large pot vs Tony Gray. Tony didn't seem to like it much but made the call. Roddy showed 6d4d for nothing and Tony was good with Ac3s for Top Pair. The board was AsQc5d-2s-7c. Roddy down to about 380k and Tony building working on an extension to his impressive chip structure.


17:02: Here is the seating on the last 2 tables. Will get the full counts at the next break in less than 30 minutes.

Table 1
Stuart McNally
Val Gray
Dennis Malik
Elias Saad
James MacAuley
Lisa Ferris
David Rooney
Adrian Nica
Ian Swan

Table 2
Tony Gray
Jim Kristian Flotre
Mariusz Lewonieski
Roddy MacNeil
William Hens
Pawel Andrearczyk
Andreas Wiborg
Simon Griffin
Barry Mills

16:58: Petter Kastard out in 19th for £450. Breaking down to 2 tables now.

16:53: Into Level 18 now with 19 players remaining.

9th October 2016 @ 17:10
John Angus
Excellent blog, Martin! All tournament operators should be using your blogging services for games at this level, at least for the final day. Keep up the good work!
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