Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 15 (2000/4000/500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 14:24


15:02: The first break is coming up in 2 minutes. Will get as many chip counts as possible then. Back in 20 minutes.

14:57: On Table 4, James MacAuley opens to 9k only to be shoved on for 74k by Stuart Matthews. James (below) tanks for a couple of minutes and looks to be in real pain as he eventually lets it go, showing 88. Stuart shows nothing but tells him it was a good fold.

14:56: Graeme Smith out!

14:48: James Gray all in here with his short stack but no callers and he takes the blinds and antes:

14:46: Tony Gray keeps building. Looks like about 480k now. The Yellows are 5k, Blues 1k, Reds 500 and Blacks 100.

14:38: A note of the remaining players over 4 tables:

Table 1
Stuart McNally
Val Gray
Dennis Malik
Andreas Wiborg
Vincent Fryars
Lisa Ferris
Barry Mills
Kyle Swan
Ian Swan

Table 2
Tony Gray
Eddie Sung
Jan-Oyvind Sunde
Tony Galloway
Colin Malcolm
Pawel Andrearczyc
Simon Griffin
James Gray

Table 3
David Gillies
Adrian Nica
David Rooney
Graeme Smith
William Hens
Alan Brown
Roddy MacNeil
Daniel Hackethal
Thomasz Kotlowski

Table 4
Tamas Merk
Elias Saad
Mariusz Lewonieski
Jim Kristian Flotre
James MacAuley
Rens Van Meegen
Petter Kastard
Stuart Mathews

14:36: Double up for David Rooney with AA vs Graeme Smith's KK all in pre-flop. David now on about 230k and Graeme down to 80k.

14:32: Robert McGown out from Table 4. He got KK all in pre-flop vs Mariusz Lewonieski's QQ but the Queen came to send Robert packing.

14:28: Father and Son duo Ian (on the right) and Kyle (on the left) Swan have just been moved and are seated side by side on Table 1! Looks like Daddy has all the chips at the moment though.

14:27: There is a 20 minute break here every 3 levels so will aim to get chip counts for the top players at the end of this level.

14:26: If you have been eliminated from the main event or are sitting at home bored then why not come down for our 3pm side event?

£3,000 GRTD!!
£40 + £4 – 25k chips

9th October 2016 @ 14:38
Stuart Wilson
Fantastic to see the blog up and running !! Keep up the good work MJS :)
9th October 2016 @ 15:34
Nick crozer
Martin j smith- total blogging boss !
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