Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 14 (1600/3200/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2016 @ 13:44


14:21: Skyler Dyck out from Table 5 and that table has now been broken up. Down to 4 x 9 handed tables now, 36 left.

14:16: The poker room here at Alea Casino Glasgow has lovely views of the River Clyde:

14:11: Sally Burns eliminated now. We are down to 37 players having lost 7 since we started at 1pm.

14:08: Kyle Swan opens to 7k on Table 2. He is called in position by Eddie Sung. No other takers and we go to the Flop of Ac8d6s. Kyle continues for 8k and after a short think, Eddie calls. The Turn is 6d, pairing the board. Kyle checks and Eddie immediately reaches for chips. He bets 16k. Kyle gives it up quickly.

14:07: Hanshao Wang out from Table 1.

14:01: Nick Crozer is out from Table 5. He tried a bluff with Eight High on his old friend, and chip leader, Tony Gray, but Tony wasn't having it and made the call with Second Pair. Tony looks like he's built on his chip lead and is now up to about 400k.

13:53: On Table 3, Roddy MacNeil opens to 6.4k from the cut-off. The only caller is Daniel Hackethal from the SB. The flop comes down KcKd4c and Daniel check/calls a 7k bet. The Turn is 7c but this time Daniel folds when Roddy continues for 16k.

13:48: Tony Chessa was also eliminated just at the end of the first level. Sounds like he was short and took a gamble pre-flop with Kh8h but was looked up by TT and couldn't improve.

13:46: Adrian Nica (below) looks to be off to a good start. He has about 280k now from a starting stack of 168k.

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