Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow - Day 2 - Level 13 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th October 2016 @ 23:07


13:41: Next up, Skyler Dyck. He looks like he's down to about 95k from a stack of about 140k to start the day:

13:35: Had an update request for a few players. Here is the first, William Hens (on the right in the shades). He was just involved with a pot but tabled K7o for King High on the River and lost to Tomasz Kotlowski with A5 Top Pair. Looks like William is now down to less than 40k.

13:32: David Weeks out from Table 3 with AQ vs QQ all in pre-flop. Adrian Nica was the player with QQ.

13:25: Another exit! This time from Table 4. Paul Febers shoves all in over the top of Robert McGowan's 5.2k open for about 35k. Robert doesn't like it much and tanks for a bit but eventually makes the call and shows 33. He is in trouble vs Paul's 99 but the dealer is generous and brings a 3 on the Turn to eliminate Paul.

13:16: On Table 5 it's folded to Stuart McNally and he opens to 20,800! Quite a large raise at 1200/2400/300. He gets it through and doesn't realise till it's mentioned to him afterwards that he put that much in. He meant to make it 4,800! Got away with it though. He started the day with 113k. That's Stuart in the dark blue polo below:

13:12: First player out and it's Ryan Hutchins from Table 3. Sounds like he 3-bet jammed his approx 35k stack all in pre-flop with AT after Daniel Hackethal opened. Daniel made the call with AQ and held up, sending Ryan to the rail. Down to 43 now. Still plenty more eliminations to go till we get to the money at 23 left.

13:08: If you are reading the blog at home please comment below with any player update requests and I'll get the latest on them for you. It's good to make the blog as interactive as possible so please do feel free to comment about anything you like. If you are on Twitter you can also tweet your updates, as a player or someone rooting at home, using the hashtag #unibetglasgow or send to @scottish_poker

13:05: Tony is on Table 5 which has a number of local players who like to talk so it's unlikely to be a quiet affair. In fact, already a shout of "First hand to Big Swanny" has gone out from Ian Swan in Seat 2 on that table! The whole poker room, and most of the rest of the casino, probably heard it.

13:04: Day 2 is now under way! Here's a photo of our chip leader, Tony Gray, who has a massive 340,500:

12:59: Players seated and unbagging their chips now:

12:50: Players getting ready to take their seats here in Glasgow. Here is a list of the players on each table. The ones with the black dashes to their left are online qualifiers and the one of them who lasts longest will pick up a €2,000 Unibet Open package. There are 16 remaining out of the last 44.

We'll be here live from 1pm Sunday giving you the latest from Day 2 at this fantastic Unibet UK Poker Tour Glasgow event. We have 44 players in total coming back out of the 219 entries to play for a £43,800 prize pool. Full chip counts for all remaining players along with the seating arrangements are shown below:

The runaway chip leader is local player Tony Gray with 340,500 which is 135,000 ahead of his closet rival (Simon Griffin with 205,600).

We'll be paying 23 prizes so still plenty of play left before we hit the money:

1st £11,300
2nd £6,640
3rd £4,380
4th £3,280
5th £2,550
6th £2,150
7th £1,750
8th £1,550
9th £1,350
10th £1,100
11th £900
12th £900
13th £750
14th £750
15th £600
16th £600
17th £500
18th £500
19th £450
20th £450
21st £450
22nd £450
23rd £450

If any of you playing or following at home use Twitter please tweet your updates using the #unibetglasgow hashtag so I can pick them up and include on the blog. Really helps to keep it interesting for readers. Thanks in advance.

If you haven't made it yourself, don't forget we have a nice little side event on at 3pm. It costs only £44 to enter and has a £3,000 guarantee:

£3,000 GRTD!!
£40 + £4 – 25k chips

9th October 2016 @ 13:28
How's it going for William Hens, Daniel Hackethal, Skyler Deck and Adrian Nica?
9th October 2016 @ 13:50
No problem. Added a few updates on them now and will keep an eye on them.
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