25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 25th January 2016 @ 0:05


00:44: Here's the 25/25 Series Dundee winner, Kurt Hansson!

00:43: The full payouts:

1* £7,600 Kurt Hansson (originally £10,860)
2* £6,040 Martin Dunbar (originally £7,060)
3* £5,800 Brent Burnett (originally £4,520)
4* £6,040 David Cheung (originally £3,040)
5 £2,100 Ross Aitken
6 £1,520 Kenny Fong
7 £1,200  Murray Angus
8 £1,020 Tat Ieong
9 £900 Colin McConnaghy 
10 £800 Gary Britten
11 £720 Paul McTaggart 
12 £650 Duncan Taylor
13 £650 Radoslav Lliev 
14 £580 Owen Currie
15 £580 Stuart McNally
*Deal agreed 4 handed for most of the money but they played it out for £800 and the trophy.

00:32: It's all over! Kurt raises, Martin shoves and Kurt calls. Kurt's AQ vs Martin's 8h6h. Kurt hits an Ace to make it decisive and wins the title and the extra £800! Martin Dunbar 2nd for £6,040. Kurt Hansson 1st for £7,600.

00:30: All in again, Martin's AT vs Kurt's QJ. Martin doubles his 884k stack. Going to be 1.8 million (Martin) vs 2.7 million (Kurt) now.

00:28: Raise, all in, call. Kurt's K7 vs Martin's A3. The board runs out with a Straight and they chop it up!

00:25: Kurt raises to about 250k, Martin shoves. Kurt folds saying he had 72!

00:22: Kurt opens for a handful (345k), Martin calls. Flop Qs5d2c. Check/Check. Turn 6c. Martin bets a handful now (450k), Kurt calls. River Kh. Martin checks, Kurt moves all in. Martin folds. Now about 600k vs 3.9 million!

00:21: Kurt Hansson on the left, Martin Dunbar on the right.

00:19: Martin won a nice pot there. Now at 1.7 million vs 2.8 million.

00:18: Martin 1.2 million vs Kurt's 3.3 million at the moment.

00:16: Brent Burnett out in 3rd for £5,800. Kurt opened on the Button, Martin shoved and Brent called. Kurt folded. Brent had KQ vs Martin's AK and couldn't improve. Heads up now for £800 and the trophy. Exciting stuff.

00:10: Kurt raises, David shoves. Kurt calls. David Ac7c vs Kurt's 99. Kurt hits a Set and holds up vs David's Flush Draw. David Cheung out in 4th for £6,040. Kurt up to about 2.6 million now. Brent only about 600k, Martin 800k.

00:07: Still 4 handed, playing for just another £800 and the title after a 4-way chop for most of the cash.

25th January 2016 @ 0:45
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