25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 23:00


00:04: Action heating up a bit now that the bulk of the money has been chopped up. 4th, 3rd and 2nd get no extra money, 1st gets another £800 on top of what has already been agreed.

00:01: Who is going to take this bad boy home?

23:59: They say poker is a young person's game but the average age of the last 4 tonight is 58.5. Old dudes FTW.

23:47: The stacks at the point of the deal were as follows. Short break now then the carnage will begin.

Kurt 1,465,000
David 1,070,000
Martin 1,090,000
Brent 887,000

23:45: Long chat there between the players about a deal and it's all agreed! They will take the amounts below but play on for £800 and the trophy.

Kurt Hansson £6,800
David Cheung £6,040
Martin Dunbar £6,040
Brent Burnett £5,800

23:30: No further discussions about any deal yet. Ross shoves all in from the Button. Kurt calls! It's AQo vs KsJs. Kurt spikes a Jack and sends Ross out in 5th for £2,100.

23:29: 60k from Martin. Takes it doon.

23:27: Brent makes it 65k from the SB, Ross calls. Flop 7s3c2c. Brent bets 125k, Ross calls. Turn 5c. Brent checks, Ross checks. River 9h. Brent bets125k. Ross calls. Brent tables 88 and it's good. Ross back to do about 350k now.

23:26: Kurt raises to 65k. Nae callers.

23:23: Ross raises and Martin calls in the BB. Flop 8h7c6s. Martin check/calls 67k. Turn 5d. Maritn now leads for 100k. Ross shoves all in! Martin snap-folds. Ross doing well to get his earlier short stack back up to something playable.

23:22: Ross open-shoves the Button. We have a call! Nah, just kidding. He takes it down.

23:21: The final 5 having a rare time at the FT:

23:17: Ross makes it 60k, Kurt calls in position, Martin in the SB. Flop KhJh2h. Checked around. Turn Ad. Martin checks, Ross bets 66k, Kurt calls, Martin folds. River 2c. Ross checks, Kurt checks. Kurt is good with A6o.

23:16: Kurt makes it 65k on the Button, both blinds call. Flop QdJh6d. All 3 check it. Turn 7c. All checks. River 2d. All checks. Martin wins it with a Rivered Deuce (5s2s in the hole). 

23:15: Ross min-raises the Button. Once again, no callers.

23:14: Martin raises to 60k in the cut-off. No interested parties.

23:13: 60k from Kurt. No callers.

23:12: Walk for Brent! Shows 96o.

23:11: Walk for Martin. Shows 53o.

23:09: Kurt raises to 65k from the SB. David making a stand and 3bets to 180k. Kurt folds.

23:08: More "Yeehaa"s from Barry and Mal. Thanks guys. Makes me feel warm inside.

23:07: Approx counts 5 handed:

David Cheung 1,230k
Martin Dunbar 850k
Brent Burnett 660k
Ross Aitken 400k
Kurt Hansson 1,250k

23:06: Kurt makes it 65k, Martin calls in position. Td9c5s. Kurt bets 120k. Martin folds.

23:05: Ross shoves all in again. Maybe about 400k now. No callers.

23:04: Ross shoves the cut-off. No callers.

23:03: Next one to Kurt, raise and take it from the SB. David looking after his chip lead very carefully.

23:02: Martin raises it up first. No takers.

23:01: Blinds quite chunky now. Thanks to John Kelly for "Yeehaa". Much appreciated.

24th January 2016 @ 23:09
Barry McQueen
Yeeehaaa Martin another great effort on the blog
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