25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 21:53


22:57: Kurt on the Button, another 48k. Martin calls from the BB. Flopping it. 6d3d3c. Check/Check .Turn Js. Martin check/calls a 40k bet. River 9s. Check/Check. Kurt A4, Martin A7. Chop it up, both Ace High.

22:56: Kurt raises from the SB. David says No.

22:55: Brent raies to 65k on the Button. It's a winner.

22:54: Kurt limps next hand, David does too, Ross shoves from the SB though. No callers.

22:51: Next hand, Kurt fought the Brent and the Brent won. He made a nice call on the River with a low pair to pick off the bluff.

22:50: Can someone come and pick up Alex Ferguson from the cash table please? He's on a bit on the noisey side. Cheers.

22:48: David raises from the SB into Martin. 54k total. Martin likes it and makes the call. Flop Ts7s2d. David checks, Martin bets 60 big ones. David folds, showing an Ace. Martin shows a Seven for Middle Pair. Very friendly.

22:47: Next small pot goes to Martin.

22:46: Thanks to Mal for the "Yo" btw. Can I get a "Yeehaa" next?

22:44: Brent raises from the SB, Ross shoves all in from the BB. Brent calls. His 99 vs Ross' As6s for 212k. Ross only goes and hits a Full House and doubles up. Incredible drama here at G Casino Dundee.

22:42: Kurt raises to 50k, Brent calls in the BB. Kurt takes it with a Turn bet after it goes check/check on the Flop.

22:41: David makes it 67k from the SB into Martin. He calls. Flopping, flopping, flopping. KsJd2h. Lots of checking. Turn Ac. David check/folds to Martin's 75k bet. Martin shows an Ace for Top Pair.

22:38: Martin raises to 48k, Brent 3bets to 148k in position. On to Kurt in the SB who has a wee think before cold-4betting to 357k! Martin quickly gets out the way and Brent leans back in his chair exasperated. He's in the tank. Decides to fold and shows Tens. Kurt says "Lucky" and lets him see the Jacks! Nice laydown.

22:35: Brent limps the Button for 24k, Ross calls the SB, Kurt checks that bad boy. Flop Kc7c3c. Checked to Brent and he bets 32k. Ross calls, Kurt does too. Lovin' it. Turn 7s. Checked all the way round. River As. Check/Check and Brent bets 75 big ones. Ross tank/calls, Kurt folds. Brent's good with Ad3d.

22:33: 50k from Kurt UTG, Martin calls on the Button, Ross shoves from the BB for 235k total. Kurt folds, Martin does too!

22:32: Everyone in the last 5 has £2,100 secured now. Not a bad bit of business.

1 £10,860 
2 £7,060 
3 £4,520 
4 £3,040 
5 £2,100 

22:28: More action! David 4bet shoves pre-flop for 741k (AdKd) vs Ross (JJ) and Ross calls. David spikes an Ace to double. Ross now down to about 250k. David the new chip leader.

22:21: Lost one! Brent and Kenny limped in pre-flop and Brent called when Kenny shoved all in on the Qh6h4s Flop. Kenny tabled QJ for Top Pair and was against Brent's KhJh Flush Draw. No waiting for Brent as the 3h hit immediately on the Turn to leave Kenny dead and out in 6th for £1,520.

22:20: Brent raises the Button to 60k. No callers.

22:19: Kurt raises to 48k. No callers.

22:17: Martin vs Brent BvB now. Brent takes it. Medium-sized pot. Brent shows T4 for Trip 4s on the Flop.

22:16: Kenny ship ship shippity ships. No takers there either.

22:15: Martin chucks in 48k. No takers.

22:12: New tactic. Kenny limps the Button for 24k. Ross folds but Kurt puts 25k more in. Kenny calls. Flop 8h6h5s. Kurt bets 55k, Kenny calls. Turn Th. Kurt bets again, same 55k. Kenny calls. River Ac. Kurt checks, Kenny checks. Kurt shows AA for Top Set! Kenny down about 160k now.

22:09: Kurt opens to 48k, Martin calls in position, Ross comes along from the BB. 3 way to the Flop which arrives as KdJc6h. Checked around. Turn 8c. Ross checks, Kurt bets 50k, Martin calls, Ross calls. River 9h. All check. Ross wins with Jh9c (2 Pair).

22:07: Ross opens for 50k UTG, Kurt 3bets to 150k in position. Back to Ross and he.... FOLDS. Some chat about a possible deal still continuing as we play on. Nothing agreed so far though.

22:06: Kenny moves all in UTG. No call.

22:05: Nae deal. Playing on.

22:04: A wee chat going on about a possible chop. Doesn't sound like it will go ahead though.

22:02: Anyone still following at home? Give me a Yo in the comments.

21:58: Reminder of the payouts...

1 £10,860
2 £7,060
3 £4,520
4 £3,040
5 £2,100
6 £1,520
7 £1,200  Murray Angus
8 £1,020 Tat Ieong
9 £900 Colin McConnaghy 
10 £800 Gary Britten
11 £720 Paul McTaggart 
12 £650 Duncan Taylor
13 £650 Radoslav Lliev 
14 £580 Owen Currie
15 £580 Stuart McNally

21:57: Latest approximate stacks:

David Cheung 763k
Martin Dunbar 1,160k
Brent Burnett 420k
Kenny Fong 337k
Ross Aitken 870k
Kurt Hansson 980k

21:54: Players having a wee break. Still 6 left.


24th January 2016 @ 22:07
Yo! Let's go Mr Fong, time for a serious heater and take it down!
24th January 2016 @ 22:16
Spanish tony
Take it down Kenny fong.its good for the Aberdeen cash game
24th January 2016 @ 22:31
YO.........Unlucky Kenny good effort
24th January 2016 @ 22:59
John Kelly
Yeeeha Brent FTW
24th January 2016 @ 23:03
YEEHAA..... Guys chop it 10k winner everyone else 4K[PLUS] each easy..... P.S Taxi for Fergi front desk.....
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