25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 21:06


21:53: Break time!

21:51: Last hand before we take a 15 minute break. Martin goes for 3 raises in a row, 40 bangers one more time. Ross calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop Qs4d3h. Check/Check. Turn 8s. Martin check/calls a 45k bet from Ross. River 9h. Martin check/folds to 90k.

21:50: Martin tries again next hand though, another 40k raise. No callers on this one.

21:48: Martin goes to 40k this time. Kenny ships from the SB for 269k. Martin doesn't find the call.

21:47: Kurt back in action for 40k. Kenny calls from the BB. Kurt wins it with a Turn bet after they check the Flop.

21:46: Martin vs Brent BvB. Lots of checking. Martin withs with 4th Pair.

21:45: Break in 5 mins. Chip counts coming up soon.

21:43: Brent's turn. Raises to 50 grand. Kurt calls from the Button. Heads up action. Flop QdJd5s. Brent bets 75, Kurt call. Turn 7s. Brent shovels it all in. About 200k. Kurt declines the offer. Brent shows a Queen for Top Pair.

21:42: Martin loving life and raises again, 40k UTG this time. Kenny calls in position. Flop 8s6h2h. Martin puts a stacks of black chips in (550k). Kenny has about 320k so it would put him all in if he calls. He folds. Martin shows 77.

21:40: Martin raises to 40k. Kurt comes along in the BB. The Flop has 3 cards on it. They are Ac,Ad and 2c. Check/Check. Turn Qd. Kurt bets 40k, Maritn calls. River 3c. Kurt checks, Martin bets 55k. Kurt calls. Martin has Ah2d for a flopped Full House. Kurt now down to about 1.1 million.

21:38: Kurt opens, Brent shoves his now short 145k stack and Kurt calls. AT (Kurt) vs 77 (Brent). Brent wins the race and doubles.

21:36: Martin opens to 40k, Brent 3bets to 85k from the SB. Back to Martin and he.... calls. FlopTh6d5s. Brent bets 75k, called. Turn Ts. Both check. River 8h. Brent bets 75, Martin calls. Brent KJ (King High) and Martin Qh5h (the winner).

21:33: Kenny is under the old gun and raises. Brent calls from the BB. Flop Ts8h4h. Brent check/calls 50k. Turn Ah. Action card? Oh yes it is. Brent shoves all in for about 250k. Kenny tanking. He calls and tables A8 for 2 Pair. The crowd goes wild as Brent turns over.....THE SAME HAND. Chop it up. Next!

21:32: Ross raises to 40k. Is there a caller? Hell no.

21:31: Kenny opens to something. Wins the blinds and antes.

21:30: Kurt vs Martin. Martin wins this one. Kurt maybe down to about 1.35 million now from his 1.8 million peak.

21:29: Alan wishes Kenny GL:

21:27: David makes it 45k. Ross calls from the BB. Flop comes down with 3 Jokers! Only kidding, it's Kh6d4c. Ross check/calls a bet from David. Turn Jh. Ross checks, David bets 100k. Ross gives it up.

21:26: Kurt raises to 40k. No takers.

21:25: Kenny's number is 60k, UTG. No one fancies it.

21:24: David makes it 40k in the SB. Martin calls in the BB. David wins it on the Flop with a 60k bet.

21:23: There will be a break after the end of this level. Will get the full chip counts at that point. Honest. Average stack now 745k.

21:22: Ross opens Button to 40k. Nae interest whatsoever.

21:20: Ross raises to 40k from the SB. Kurt calls. 9h7h4c. Ross wins with a 52k wager.

21:19: Kenny limps the SB again vs Ross. Ross pumps it up to 45k. Kenny does not call. Both players show an Ace.

21:18: Next pot to David with a Flush vs Kenny.

21:13: David makes it 45k on the Button. Both blinds call. Flop 9d5h3h. Martin and Brent check to David who bets 80k. Martin shoves all in for about 480k. Brent seems to be interested for a few seconds but folds. David has a good think too then folds, showing the 9 of Spades for Top Pair. Martin shows nothing and drags in the chips.

21:11: Kenny opens for 55k in the cut-off. Martin calls from the BB. Flopping. Ad9c8h. Martin taps the table, Kenny throws in 59k. Martin says No.

21:10: Kurt raises to 40k in the SB. David gives up his BB.

21:09: Reminder of the cashers so far and remaining prizes:

1 £10,860
2 £7,060
3 £4,520
4 £3,040
5 £2,100
6 £1,520
7 £1,200  Murray Angus
8 £1,020 Tat Ieong
9 £900 Colin McConnaghy 
10 £800 Gary Britten
11 £720 Paul McTaggart 
12 £650 Duncan Taylor
13 £650 Radoslav Lliev 
14 £580 Owen Currie
15 £580 Stuart McNally

21:08: Brent raises to 52k and takes down the blinds and antes.

21:07: Level 21 with a chunky 20k BB now. Still 6 left.

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