25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 20:20


21:05: Martin raises the Button to 32k. Brent (SB) calls. Kenny (BB) folds. Flop 9s3s3c. Brent checks, Martin chucks in 60,000. Brent calls it. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 4c. Brent leads now for 50k. Quick call and Martin wins with JJ. Brent had 55.

21:03: Martin limps the SB, Brent raises. Martin folds.

21:01: Kenny raises to 28k, Kurt calls on the Button as does Martin in the BB. 3 way to the Flop which is Th4h3s. Martin checks, Kenny bets 50k, Kurt calls then Martin shoves all in for 224k.  Kenny folds as does Kurt. Martin shows 7h6h for the big draw. Nice pot there for no showdown.

20:59: Brent opens to 42k then Ross 3bets in position. Brent folds and shows TT. He asks if it was a good fold. Ross declines to say.

20:55: The last 6 at the FT. No eliminations recently after an early flurry.

20:53: Martin raises on the Button to 32k. He has about 185k behind. Kenny calls in the BB. Flop 9h6h4d. Check/Check. Turn Td. Keny checks, Martin bets 60k. Kenny folds.

20:52: Ross opens to 32k, Brent calls from the BB. Flop Jd7s5h. Brent check/folds to a 35k bet.

20:51: Kurt raises the Button. No callers.

20:50: Walk for David!

20:48: Ross raises from the SB, Kurt calls. Flop Qh8d4c. Ross continutes for 35k. He wins it.

20:46: Kenny limps the SB vs Ross again. He checks. Flop KsQd3c. Check/Check. Turn 5c. Kenny bets 17k, Ross calls. River 7c. Kenny check/calls a 36k bet. He wins with 5h3h for 2 Pair. Ross had 42o for a missed Straight Draw.

20:45: Brent opens for 32k and Kenny calls in position. Flop 9d8d6d. Both check. Turn Ks. Brent bets 32k. It's good enough.

20:43: Kurt raises to 40k in the cut-off. Martin shoves from the SB for 189k. No call.

20:42: Kurt raises the Button. Nae takers.

20:40: Kenny raises to 32k. Kurt calls from the SB. Flop Qh8h5s. Both check. Turn 9d. Kurt bets 60k. Kenny shoves for 195k. Kurt calls. Kenny has JsTs for the Nut Straight and Kurt is drawing dead with KQ Top Pair. Double up for shortie Kenny.

20:39: Brent raises one and gets it through.

20:38: Latest approx counts 6 handed:

David Cheung 780k
Martin Dunbar 200k
Brent Burnett 580k
Kenny Fong 200k
Ross Aitken 700k
Kurt Hansson 1.8 million

20:34: Kurt opens for 32k with 66 and calls when Martin shoves for 89k total with QJ. Martin hits and doubles up.

20:33: Walk for Brent. First of the FT. He shows 4d2d.

20:31: Ross raises the cut-off to 31k, Kurt calls on the Button and the blinds both fold. Flop 8c3s2h. Ross bets 40k, Kurt calls. Turn 9s. Ross as a wee think then bets 65k. Kurt lets him have this one.

20:28: Ross opens the Button to 32k and both blinds like it! 3 way to the Flop which comes doon Qc6h4h. Kurt leads out for 32k, David calls and original raiser Ross folds! Turn Jd. Kurt bets again, 60k this time. David calls quickly. River 7h. Kurt checks, David checks his cards again then fires 120k. Kurt calls. David wins with AhJh (Nut Flush) but Kurt also had a huge hand with Qh8h.

20:26: Ross raises from the SB into Kurt and gets a fold.

20:25: Kenny vs Ross again BvB limped. Bet and call on the Flop but Check/Check on the Turn and River. Ross takes it with Top Pair, K9. The board had 2 x Jacks on it to slow him down.

20:24: David opens the cut-off to 32k. No interest.

20:22: Kenny open-shoves 145k next hand. Called by Martin. AQ vs A9. Kenny holds and doubles. Martin down to about 110k by the looks of it.

20:20: Brent opens to 32k UTG, called by Kenny in position. Flop As7h3h. Check/Check. Turn Th. Brent bets 50k. Kenny angrily folds, showing another slow-played KK. Brent shows 55 so Kenny was still good.

24th January 2016 @ 21:11
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