25/25 Series Dundee V - Final - Level 19 Part 2 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 19:00


20:18: Ross opens the Butotn to 25k. No callers.

20:17: Martin raises one and is called by Brent in position and Kurt in the BB. Of course Kurt wins it with the Nut Flush, AJ in the hole. Not a huge pot though; they all checked the River.

20:16: The final 6. Looks like Kurt has about 1.65 million out of the 4.5 million in play!

David Cheung 
Martin Dunbar 
Brent Burnett 
Kenny Fong 
Ross Aitken 
Kurt Hansson 

20:13: Kurt takes a hand off to stack his chips. Kenny limps the SB, Ross checks the BB. Flop 8c7s6s. Check/Check. Turn 3h. Kenny check/calls 15k. River 8s. Kenny checks, Ross bets 35k. Kenny tank/calls. Ross wins with As8d for Trips.

20:11: Kurt opens to 28k. David 3bets to 81k in position. Kurt calls. Flop Ad5s2c. Kurt check/calls David's smallish 31k bet. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 3s. Kurt leads for 60k. David calls. Kurt wins with AcJh. David doesn't show.

20:10: Still £29,100 remaining in the prize pool with 6 left. Wonder if they'll discuss a Dundee Chop...

20:09: Kurt keeps going. Raises to 24k. Brent likes it in the BB for heads up. Flop Js7s2d. Brent check/calls a 35k bet. Turn Ad. Brent leads it for 55k. Wins as Kurt folds immediately.

20:07: FT eliminations so far...

7th £1,200 Murray Angus
8th £1,020 Tat Ieong
9th £900 Colin McConnaghy 

20:01: Murray makes it 25k and is called by Kurt in position and Tat in the BB. Flop 9s3h2c. Tat open-ships for 160k. Murray calls. Kurt thinks for quite a while then shoves all in! Murray calls off his remaining 450k and shows QQ. Tat has Qc9c but Kurt has the real hand, 33 for a Set. He holds and sends both of the others out in 8th (Tat) and 7th (Murray). Wow.

19:59: Double up for Kenny! He just called with KK pre-flop vs Tat's raise and they got it all in on the Queen High flop. Tat had KQ for Top Pair. Kenny up to maybe about 300k now.

19:55: Colin open-shoves for 141k. Kurt calls. All others fold and it's A6o vs AA. Kurt holds and Colin is out in 9th for £900.

19:53: Here's a reminder of the FT prizes:

1 £10,860
2 £7,060
3 £4,520
4 £3,040
5 £2,100
6 £1,520
7 £1,200
8 £1,020
9 £900

19:52: Tat makes it 30k mid-position. Kurt calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop As9h9d. Tat checks, Kurt bets 40k. Tat then folds.

19:51: Brent makes it 25k UTG+1. Ross 3bets to 70k in position. Back to Brent and he mucks immediately.

19:50: Murray opens the Button for 25k. No takers.

19:48: David makes it 25k UTG+1, Colin calls from the BB. Flop KcTs9c. Colin check/folds to a 40k bet. David says "Flop a Straight" and shows QJ for the Nuts.

19:47: Martin opens for 24k. Murray peels from the BB. Flop Kd6h2d. Murray checks, Martin bets 35k. Murray gives it up.

19:45: Kurt raises to 24k, Ross calls from the BB. Checked by both all the way and Kurt wins with KT (King High).

19:44: Murray raises to 37k UTG+1, Colin shoves all in! Back to Murray and he calls, showing AA. Not a big problem for Colin though; he's got the other 2 of them! Chop it up.

19:43: Kurt opens to 24k this time. Short stack Kenny (in the BB) shoves all in. Kurt folds.

19:42: Kurt opens to 28k. No callers.

19:41: First blood for Martin Dunbar as he gets a flop check/raise shove through vs Kurt.

19:40: FT now under way.

19:20: FT Seating and Chip Counts:

1 David Cheung 830k
2 Martin Dunbar 280k
3 Brent Burnett 620k
4 Kenny Fong 110k
5 Ross Aitken 520k
6 Tat Ieong 400k
7 Murray Angus 700k
8 Colin McConnaghy 190k
9 Kurt Hansson 1 million

19:10: Who do you think will take it down? Comment below! Cheers

19:00: Details on the final table to follow soon. There will be a 30-40 minute break before we get under way though so get the kettle on and take a wee break yourselves.

24th January 2016 @ 19:15
24th January 2016 @ 19:16
Spanish tony
Sammy and Kenny for an Aberdeen win
24th January 2016 @ 19:20
Warren "MAL" Malcolm
Looks like an ABERDEEN 1... 2... Finish... Good luck to all Kind regards Mal
24th January 2016 @ 19:33
Following all the action from Sydney, Australia. MurAng FTW. Good luck. And top coverage as always, MJ.
24th January 2016 @ 19:47
Spanish tony
Scruffy looking final table
24th January 2016 @ 20:04
Barry McQueen
Brent for the win and another winner from Fife
24th January 2016 @ 20:17
Spanish tony
Unlucky Sammy,come on the Kenny fong
24th January 2016 @ 20:17
Don't eat the food!! Had the chicken burger at 6.30ish last night, had D[PLUS]V on the hour every hour since 6am this morning. Only thing I ate all day yesterday. Thank goodness I didn't make the final day!
24th January 2016 @ 20:29
Spanish tony
It might have been a horse burger jt
24th January 2016 @ 21:04
It was something anyway. Sack the chef. What a horrible thing food poisoning!
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