25/25 Series Dundee V - Day 2 - Level 17 (4000/8000/800)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 16:59


18:08: Martin Dunbar just doubled up with AJ vs A5 all in pre-flop. He was short though, with about 100k but at least he's moving the right direction.

18:06: The final 12 over 2 tables. The final table will be 9 handed so 3 more to go before then.

Table 1
2 Duncan Taylor 
3 Kenny Fong 
4 Ross Aitken 
5 Kurt Hansson 
7 Gary Britten 
9 Colin McConnaghy 
Table 2
2 Martin Dunbar 
4 Paul McTaggart 
5 Brent Burnett 
6 David Cheung 
7 Murray Angus 
8 Tat Ieong 
18:03: He does indeed mean business; he just made the Nuts and eliminated Radoslav Lliev in 13th for £650. Paul raised pre-flop and continued on every street, shoving the river for Radoslav's last 120k which he called off. Paul had QJ and spiked a Gutshot Straight on the Turn. 12 left.

17:59: Paul McTaggart. Looks like he means business!

17:51: Brent Burnett takes out Owen Currie in 14th place for £580. They got it all on the Ace High Flop with AK (Owen) vs QQ (Brent). Nae bother for Brent as managed to back-door a Straight for the win.  13 left.

17:45: Ross Aitken takes a pot from chip leader Murray Angus. Murray opened to 18k pre-flop and Ross called from the BB. Flop 3h4c5c. Ross check/called 35k from Murray. Turn Qd. Ross check/called another 50k. River 7d. Ross checks one more time and Murray bets 65k. Ross now makes his move and raises all in for about 160k total. Murray has a good think but decides to let it go in the end.

17:42: Pots for Kurt on Table 1 and Radoslav on Table 2 there. Both raised pre-flop and got no callers.

17:36: David Cheung limps for 8k and Stuart McNally (below in the white top) ships all in for 67k. Back to Cheung and he makes the call with A8o. Stuart says he was blind and turns over 84o. No miracle is forthcoming and Stuart is out in 15th for £580.

17:32: Murray's too big-time to count his own stack so he just checks what it is on the blog...

17:31: Wee payout reminder:

1 £10,860
2 £7,060
3 £4,520
4 £3,040
5 £2,100
6 £1,520
7 £1,200
8 £1,020
9 £900
10 £800
11 £720
12 £650
13 £650
14 £580
15 £580

17:28: Cancel that hand for hand. Just lost John Durkin in 16th on the Bubble. All players locked up £580 now. 15 left.

17:26: Andrew MacRae out. He shoved all in with KT and ran into Colin McConnaghy's AK which held up. Down to 16. Hand for hand now.

17:21: Paul McTaggart opens to 16k, Brent Burnett calls then David Cheung 3bets to 50k. Back to Paul and he ships all in. Brent folds and David goes into the tank. He eventually folds, showing AK. Paul takes another look at his hole cards and shows a single Queen.

17:15: Latest counts for the final 17. Think we lost Keith Douglas just on the last hand before the break. Sorry, was a bit hectic here.

Table 1
1 John Durkin 90k
2 Duncan Taylor 80k
3 Kenny Fong 240k
4 Ross Aitken 270k
5 Kurt Hansson 350k
6 Murray Angus 780k
7 Gary Britten 160k
8 Andrew MacRae 115k
9 Colin McConnaghy 180k
Table 2
1 Owen Currie 250k
2 Martin Dunbar 200k
3 Rodoslav Lliev 145k
4 Paul McTaggart 285k
5 Brent Burnett 350k
6 David Cheung 350k
7 -
8 Tat Ieong 470k
9 Stuart McNally 100k

17:00: Players on a 15 minute break. Chip counts coming soon. Shane Ross was eliminated before the break.

24th January 2016 @ 18:03
Dennis shaw
Just caught up with blog, top class as usual considering all the connection issues, Murray Angus totally bossing it now. Got to be odds on a dundee winner, no chop.
24th January 2016 @ 18:06
Mon the Angus
24th January 2016 @ 18:06
Dennis Shaw
Did you know the Dundee chop is now world famous. James hartigan mentioned it at the PCA 2016 just the other week.
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