25/25 Series Dundee V - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 14:26


15:25: Hit for chip leader Murray Angus as Kurt Hansson doubles through him. They got it all in on the Turn with a Board of JsTs5d-Qc. Murray had QQ for Top Set but Kurt turned the Nuts with AK. The River was the 6d and changed nothing. Gary Britten was also involved in the hand but folded on the Turn after the big all in from Kurt and Call from Murray. He said he had 9c8c for the lower Straight. Kurt had about 130k left on the Turn I think so Murray lost a good bit of his stack.

15:24: Rico Frattaroli just popped by and I asked who he fancied for the win from the remaining players. He picked Gary Britten, Paul McTaggart or Rob Franks.

15:18: Down to 27 now. Breaking up Table 4 and going to 3 x 9 handed tables. Average stack 168k. We have a total of 4,525,000 in play in the tournament. That means the average at the 9 handed final table will be 503k.

15:15: Double up for Ross Aitken vs Kenny Fong. Ross made a Straight on the River and Kenny lost 70k+ from his stack.

15:13: Alexander Cairnie also just out from Table 2.

15:11: On Table 4, John Durkin opens with KK and calls when Michael Pytlowanyj shoves his short stack from the BB with 88.  Full House for John and Michael is out of here.

15:10: Kurt Hansoon opens to 8k and Andrew McRae calls from the BB. Flop Ts4d2d. Andrew folds to Kurts c-bet.

15:06: Average stack now 151k. On Table 1, Colin McConnaghy opens to 8.5k and Murray Angus calls from the BB saying "I'll keep you honest". Heads up. Flop Ah7c5d. Muray check/calls an 8k bet. Turn 8h. Check/Check. River 5s. Check/Check. Colin announces "King High", Murray "Two Pair". Murray wins with 65o. Colin shows KsQc.

15:02: Honkiu Lau out in 32nd place. Alexander Stuart next out in 31st.

14:57: On Table 3, David Cheung raises it to 8.5k pre-flop then wins with a c-bet vs Innes Wilson. Next hand Rob Franks limps for 4k then calls a raise to 13k from Radoslav Lliev in the SB to 11.5k. Rob also folds to the flop c-bet which was 12k.

14:52: On Table 2, Paul McTaggart opens to 8.5k in mid-position. 1 caller from the SB, Tat Ieong. Flop As5c3h. Check/Check. Turn 7c. Tat bets 1k, Paul folds.

14:49: Kurt Hansson opens to 8k this time. Shane Ross calls from the BB. Flop Th9c5s. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Shane bets 8k but Kurt now raises to 30k. Back to Shane and he tank/folds. He had about 60k behind his 8k bet.

14:48: Gary Britten raises to 8k on Table 1 but folds when Leon Sarandi shoves all in from the BB.

14:47: Local players, please note that there is no normal Sunday freerol on today. 

14:44: Gordon Anderson has just dropped in to wish Murray Angus good luck...

14:43: Players back in action!

14:36: The winner today will join this incredible gallery of Scottish poker talent...

14:32: Who do you fancy at this stage to take it down? Please comment and say Hello below or tweet with #2525dundee. Thanks, I like it when people talk to me on the blog. Stops me from feeling lonely :-(

14:31: Correction on Ross Loggie. He has 90k, not 190k.

14:27: Players on a break at the moment. Here are the full approximate chip counts for the last 32 players:

24th January 2016 @ 14:54
Barrie geekie
Keep up the good work martin.good luck to all the Dundee players.
24th January 2016 @ 14:55
John A.
Looks like anyone could win this (excluding me of course who put myself out last night) but my tip is Colin Mconnaghy - this would suit me as I can then get his prize money off him at a tenner a day over the next three years in the Maybury crackers game. Great blog, Martin, by the way!
24th January 2016 @ 15:10
Great coverage, good effort so far! Kenny Fong for the win!
24th January 2016 @ 15:14
Geo Devine
Good luck to the Maybury lads....kick on Colin McC
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