25/25 Series Dundee V - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 13:45

14:15: Break time. Stack counts coming soon xx
14:05: Lost Finley Hall. Down to 33. Break in 8 minutes.
13:58: Updates requested on Rob Franks and Michael Pytlowanyj. Rob has a massive stack (possibly 250k+) and when I went over to see Michael's table he was just shoving all in from the SB with 72 off-suit and getting it through! Short stack for Michael though, 30-40k maybe.
13:56: First break of the day in 20 minutes. Will get some chip counts then. 
13:51: Big pot for Paul McTaggart. On the Js8h2h Flop he bet, Paul Anderson called then Tat Ieong raised to 27k. Paul McT then shoved for 92k total, Paul A called for about 60k and Tat gave it up. 88 for McT for Middle Set and Ah9h Flush Draw for Anderson. No Hearts came and Paul Anderson is out in 34th place.
13:39: Lynn McIntosh out too. 34 remain.
13:38: The casino WiFi is running very slowly at the moment which is affecting the blog a bit. Hopefully back to full speed soon.
13:36: Gary Gracy out. His Top Pair no good vs Murray Angus' Bottom Set of 2s all in on the Flop.
24th January 2016 @ 13:52
what is the odds would you give murray angus get to top 4
Replied by Martin J Smith on 24th January 2016 @ 14:04
He's a good bet to make the final table I reckon. Could be involved in nice friendly Dundee Chop in the late stages too...
24th January 2016 @ 13:54
if he get to top 4....i want my free fish and chips for the whole week
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