25/25 Series Dundee V - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 24th January 2016 @ 11:38


12:44: Reports from Table 3 that Colin Gillon and David Gillies are out from the same hand. 41 remain. Average stack 110k.

12:38: Table 2, David Weeks (below left) opens the cut-off for 4.5k, Tat Ieong (below right) calls on the Button but Owen Currie in the BB is not impressed and 3bets to 12.5k (with about 43k behind which both opponents cover). David has a think, takes a good look at Tat, perhaps to get in idea what he is going to do, but then folds. Tat quickly folds too. Pot to Currie.

12:27: Double up for Gary Gracey! After a limper he made it 6.5k pre-flop and is called by Duncan Taylor in position and Kurt Hansson on the BB. Flop Th9s5s and Gary bets 6.5k again. Duncan raises to 15k but Kurt makes it 45k after that! Gary calls for his 43.7k total and Duncan gets away from it. Gary shows 55 for a Set and Kurt, a slow-played KK. Gary holds and is now nicely around 125k in chips. Duncan told the table he folded QQ afterwards.

12:24: 3 more quick eliminations on the outer tables. Edinburgh Champ George Devine, John Kelly and Dean Thomson are all reporting to the rail. Down to 43 players.

12:21: Bit of action between Tat Ieong and Ross Loggie on Table 2. Tat raised Ross' Flop bet to 15k on Qc5d3d and Ross called. On the 6c Turn Ross called another 25k but both checked the 7c River and Tat took it down with JJ in the hole.

12:16: Next hand Murray raises to 4.5k on the Button after Ducan Taylor limped for 2k. Duncan called for heads up but folded to Muarry's 8k Flop bet on Q96.

12:14: On Table 1, Kinman Li opens to 5k UTG, called by Shane Ross in position and Murray Angus in the BB. Flop Qs8s6c. I missed the Flop betting but Murray ended up heads up with Shane on the 7d Turn and check/called a bet. When the 3c hit the River Murray check/called 11k and won with 8h7h for 2 pair. Shane tabled AQ for Top Pair which he must have thought was good. Murray started the day with a ridiculous 369k and he's only getting richer.

12:11: If you are playing today or just reading the blog please tweet your updates, thoughts or questions and hashtag them #2525dundee so I can pick them up for the blog. Much appreciated. Please also feel free to comment on the blog itself if you'd like any updates on a particular player.

12:10:  A few players still to arrive including Graham Pilkington. Oh, here he is now.

12:05: Early exit. Kurt Hansson opens to 6k, Rami Saleh calls then Andrew MacRae jams all in from the SB for about 50k. Kurt folds but Rami decides to go for it and calls with his 43k stack. He has 77 but is against Andrew's Jacks. Andrew hits a set and Rami is out in 47th place.

12:02: And we're off! Play has started here in Fundee, everyone's favourite 25/25 Series tour stop.

11:57: Here's a reminder of the payouts today. 47 remain, 15 paid. Min cash £580 and £10,860 for the win.

1 £10,860
2 £7,060
3 £4,520
4 £3,040
5 £2,100
6 £1,520
7 £1,200
8 £1,020
9 £900
10 £800
11 £720
12 £650
13 £650
14 £580
15 £580

11:55: I took lots of photos during Flight C last night. You can check them out on Facebok at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1073279829360637.1073741899.694051143950176.

11:54: Players getting seated now and unbagging their chips. Just a few minutes to go!

11:45: In the unofficial £20 Last Longer we have 4 players left for £220 in cash. They are Brent Burnett, Ross Loggie, Kevin Whelan and John Durkin.

11:44: Alex Ferguson, although busted, is still hanging around and he tips Ross Loggie, Paul McTaggart or Colin Gillon to take it down. He also said he fancies John Durkin to "nit it up enough to final table then ladder to 4th".

11:42: Here are the seating arrangements:

11:40: We're ready to start in 20 minutes here at 25/25 Series Dundee. All technical difficulties with the blog have been resolved and it's all good to cover the full day's action from the first hand dealt to the winner being crowned.

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