25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 21:17


21:55: Sorry for the lack of recent updates. Having some technical issues with my laptop as the battery is dead and the charger won't work. Break time now with 2 levels left to play. We have 36 left out of 70. Will try to get the big stacks shortly. The blog may be a bit sparse for the rest of tonight but we'll get in back in business for Day 2 tomorrow from 12pm, don't worry.

21:25: Sam Morris out. He raised pre-flop with AQ and got 2 callers including Kevin Whelan. The Flop was QQ9 and Sam continued for about half pot. Kevin is the only caller. Turn 2 and Kevin checks out of turn. Action back on Sam and he bets. Kevin shoves all in and Sam calls. Sam tables AQ for Trips but Kevin has 22 and spiked a Full House on the Turn. No help on the River for Sam and he's down to a single 25 chip (25% of the ante). He gets it in next hand but doesn't win the 8x25 pot :-(

21:20: Stuart White out too. Down to 41 out of 70 starters today. So far 10 & 18 have made Day 2 so 28 total. Chip leader from Flight A is local favourite, Murray Angus. He's coming back with a ridiculous 369k.

21:15: No back to back final tables for married couple, George and Lesley Devine. Lesley has just been eliminated all in pre-flop with AT vs John McGlynn's AJ on Table 2. At the last Edinburgh leg Lesley was 4th for £3,170 and George won it for £8,550. George was the one who knocked her out as well!

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