25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 20:31


21:10: Speaking of Hugh, he's involved in the next hand on Table 1. Joe Hamilton opens and David Weeks shoves all in for 8.8k (AsJs). Hugh Cairnie calls from the SB (says later he had 99) which leaves him with about 25k behind. Matthew Mordente then shoves all in for about 50k from the BB (JJ). Original raiser Joe folds and Hugh gets away from it too. AJ vs JJ and Weeks spikes an Ace to treble up!

21:06: Hugh Cairnie was 5th in the last Dundee 25/25 Series leg for £1,970:

21:03: Alex Ferguson out. He 3bets shoved with QJo vs Kurt Hansson's open. Kurt called with AQ and Alex was dead on the Turn.

20:55: Some player pics...

Local Hero Kevin Wallace

Gary Gracey

David Gilles (head down, involved in a pot)

Keith Douglas

Kinman Lee

Andrew MacRae

Gary Bertram (pre-exit) & Sam Morris

20:54: Gary Bertram out (for the final time). Willie McClure out too.

20:50: A list of players in the unofficial £20 Last Longer bet run by Alex Ferguson:

20:44: On Table 3, Sam Morris opens for 1.7k and is called by Kevin Whelan and George Devine (sporting an interesting pair of glasses below), both in position. Flop Jd3h2c. All check. Turn Ac, Sam and Kevin check then George bets 2.8k. Sam calls, Kevin folds. Heads up. River 6c. Sam check/calls a 4.2k bet from George who immediately says "You're good" once Sam's chips are in. Sam shows AK and takes it down.

20:32: Registration has closed now and we have 70 today making it 181 overall. The prize pool is a whopping £36,200. The payouts will be confirmed a little later tonight. Players now back in action. There are 47 remaining at the moment. 4 more levels to play and we'll finish up around 11.45pm. Day 2 starts tomorrow at 12pm.

20:30: Top stacks at the break:

Joe Hamilton 74k
Kinman Li 73k
Russell Jardine 72k
John McGlynn 70k
David Gillies 70k
Brent Burnett 67k
Matthew Mordente 63k
Kurt Hansson 60k
Martin Dunbar 56k
Innes Wilson 55k
John Durkin  55k

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