25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 19:38


20:13: 4 minutes left till the next break. Chip counts coming soon.

20:10: Hand report from Table 5. Euan Baxter shoved all in from the SB for about 13k with 64 and was called by Paul Fallon in the BB with A9. Nae bother for Euan as he flopped a Straight to take it down though.

20:07: Colin opens to 1.4k again, UTG this time. Willie McClure shoves for about 18k, Kevin Wallace then re-shoves for more. Colin folds, showing 88. Willie has AK, Kevin JJ. Willie hits a King to double. Kevin very short now. 8 minutes level to re-enter.

20:05: Back to Table 2, Colin McConaghy opens to 1.4k, Paul Chew 3bets to 3.4k in position. Back to Colin and he 4bets to 8k. Paul gives it up. Says he folded a "monster".

20:02: Andrew Leathem out. He got his around 19k stack in pre-flop with Js9s vs Alan Carlyle's TT which held up. Alex Ferguson says he folded a better hand pre-flop!

19:57: Double up for Blair...

19:53: Double up for Andrew Leathem all in pre-flop with T6o vs Michael Hepburn's AK. Think he had about 10k.

19:49: Same table, Colin McConaghy opens to 1.4k UTG+1, Gordon Cuthill calls in position and Nehme also calls from the BB. Flop  Ad7c7s. Nehme checks, Colin checks, Gordon bets 1.2k. Nehme likes it but Colin then raises to 2.5k. Gordon calls, Nehme folds. Turn 2d. Colin checks, Gordon shoves his last 6k in and Colin snap-calls. Colin has 8h7h for Trips and it's good vs Gordon's As5s. No miracle River is forthcoming.

19:47: On Table 2, Nehme Al Asmar limps for 600 UTG, John McGlynn comes along but Willie McClure shoves all in from the Button for 18.3k! No one brave enough to make the call.

19:44: Gary B all in blind next hand but his 74o doesn't get there vs Alan Carlyle's A7. A second re-entry for Gary now.

19:43: Gary Bertram loses most of his stack with the Nut Flush vs Matthew Mordente's Full House. Gary down to about 1.2k.

19:39: Blair Matheson has a new table...

19:38: Last level for entries and re-entries tonight.

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