25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 5 (200/400/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 18:58


19:37: We're up to 64 entries today and 175 overall. Prize pool at £35,000. Still just under 1 hour to register too.

19:36: Looks like short stack hero, Dode Elliot, is out.

19:34: Latest seating:

19:29: Double up for Mel Simpson with AA vs TT.

19:28: Big fold from Alex Ferguson (KK) on the Turn vs Hugh Cairnie. The Board was Qd7h2h-8c and Hugh had shoved for 15k. Alex tanked for a long time and had a wee chat with Hugh but eventually elected to give it up. Sounds like pre-flop Hugh opened to 1.1k, Alex 3bet to 2.7k and Hugh 4bet to 5.2k which Alex called. On the Flop Hugh bet 7k and Alex called.

19:27: John Peebles out (for a second time) with AsKs vs Martin Dunbar's QQ.

19:20: Big fold from Dode Elliot on Table 5. Starting with an 11k stack he opened to 1.1k UTG and was called by David Gillies and Weland Holroyd, both with position. The Flop appears as QdQhTd and all 3 players check. Turn 7c and all 3 check again. River 2h and Dode leads for 3k. David raises to 7k and Weland folds. Back to Dode and he folds, showing AhAd! David is feeling generous and shows him AQ for Trips. Dode's not giving away the last of his chips easily by the looks of it. He's down to about 7k now though.

19:08: On Table 6, Stuart White limps for 400 and Gary Gracy comes along too before Mel Simpson raises to 1.5k. The 2 limpers call for the 3-way. Flop 9c9d2s. Stuart checks, Gary checks, Mel bets 2.5k. Stuart calls, Gary folds. Heads up. Turn Jh. Now Stuart leads for 3k. Mel doesn't take long and folds cursing the old Ace/King as she does.

19:00: Weland Holroyd out for a second time. He's at the poker desk ready to fire his 3rd and final bullet now!

18:59: The blog looks to be very popular amongst the players...

18:58: Double up for short stack Dode Elliot with AQ vs AJ.

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