25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 18:12


18:50: Neil Khir out from Table 5.

18:48: John Angus opens to 700 UTG on Table 4 which is called by Russell Jardine in position before Weland Holroyd 3bets to 2k from the blinds. Both opponents call. They all check the KdQc3d Flop. Turn 2h and Weland bets 3k. Only John calls. River Ac and Weland bets 3.5k. John calls and wins with AQ. Weland claims he had a King.

18:38: Alex Ferguson is running a £20 Last Longer bet if anyone wants to join in. He's on Table 1 Seat 5 at the moment.

18:35: Quads for Kinman Li (55) vs Willie's McClure's Top Full House (AA). Willie sent to the rail.

18:34: Gary Bertram all in pre-flop for about 20k with AJ vs John McGlynn's KK. The Kings hold and Gary is off to the desk to re-enter.

18:19: Back in action. Re-entry for Sam Morris.

18:17: Biggest stacks from around the room:

Brent Burnett 73k
Joe Hamilton 58k
Nehme Al Asmar 44k
John Angus 40k
Russell Jardine 40k
Kinman Li 38k
Jamie Rhind 38k
Gary Gracey 35k
John Durkin 33k

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