25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 17:21


18:10: Break time.

18:05: On Table 2, Sam Morris was also eliminated. Sounds like Brent Burnett raised to about 1.2k pre-flop with KK and got 4 callers, including Sam. It came down KK8 for Quads! All players checked. Brent check/calls a bet from Sam on the Queen Turn. The River was the cruel Ten of Spades for Sam's Full House and he raised to about 8k after Brent lead for 3k. Brent then shoved all in and Sam called off for his remaining 5k.

18:04: Carnage on Tables 1 & 2 just at the end there. On Table 1 it sounds like Joe Hamilton called a River shove from Weland Holroyd with Queen High and it was good to send Welend to the rail!

18:00: Blair Matheson's tweet:

17:57: Break in 3 mins then we'll get some chip counts.

17:53: Colin McConaghy out from Table 1. Sounds like he'll re-enter after the break though. Up to 172 entries total now, prize pool £32,400.

17:47: Double up for Neil Feenan vs Willie McClure on Table 3. Neil was all in on the Turn with 77 (Board Ts9d8c-6d) vs Willie's KdTd. The River was the Ten of Hearts and Neil's Straight held up.

17:44: Nehme Al Asmar picks of a River bluff from John McGlynn on Table 2. John bet 3.5k and Nehme check/called with 2nd Pair (QT). The Board was T96-2-A. Nehme looks like he has about 40k now.

17:39: John Angus (below) is one of the early chip leaders with about 50k. John has a record 5 cashes out of 18 25/25 Series Scotland events and he'll be looking to get his 6th here in Fundee. Check out the full 25/25 rankings at http://www.scottishpoker.net/2525rankings.php.

17:36: Weland Holroyd's drink order has arrived:

17:31: On Table 1, Weland Holroyd 3bets Colin Cunningham to 1.5k in position pre-flop and Colin calls. Flop AsJd2d. Colin check/calls a 1,625 bet. Turn Js and Colin check/calls a 2,725 bet. River Ah. Colin checks, Weland says "Lucky card" and checks back. He shows QhJs for a Full House and it's good.

17:22: Elimination on Table 2. John Peebles opens to 400, followed by a 3bet to 1.1k by Brent Burnett in position. Sam Morris cold calls in the SB but John then 4bets to 4.5k. Back to Brent and he 5bet shoves all in 20-25k. Sam gets away and John calls. It's John's JJ vs Brent's AK. Brent hits 2 x Kings and John Peebles is walking. Sam said he folded QQ but would have lost anyway.

17:20: Level 3 and we're up to 46 players today meaning 167 overall. That puts the prize pool at a tasty £31,400. Short 15 minute break at the end of this level. Registration still open till 8.30pm though so plenty of time to get here.

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