25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 16:42


17:17: Double up for David Weeks vs Alan Carlyle on Table 3. David turned a Full House with Pocket 4s. Looks like he's back up to around 30k and Alan down to 15k.

17:13: Weland Holroyd has recently joined Table 1. He is very chatty and active so far.

17:11: Quad Aces for Hugh Cairnie on Table 1. He didn't get a Call on his River shove unfortunately.

17:10: Don't forget to tweet some stuff and tag it #2525dundee. Thanks.

17:09: Table 5:

17:08: Players on Table 4:

17:07: John Peebles on Table 1:

17:02: Here's Dode Elliot on Table 5. He had a nice £11k score recently at the UKIPT in Edinburgh.

16:54: Off to take a round of pictures. Back in a back. Everyone, SMILE!

16:52: Full House (QQ) for Kinman Li vs David Weeks (AJ) on Table 3. David managed to keep the pot relatively small and didn't lose too much with it though.

16:47: Back on Table 2, Nehme limps UTG for 150 and Sam Morris makes it 400 in position. Brent Burnett calls in the BB and Nehme does too. Flop KhQh2d. Checked around. Turn 9h. Checked around. River As. Checked to Sam and he bets 800. No callers.

16:41: On Table 1, Nehme Al Asmar opens from the SB into John McGlynn's BB, I think to 750. John 3bets to 2k but Nehme is having none of it as he shoves his whole stack in (over the 25k starting stack, John has about 20k behind). John has a wee think but decides to fold. Nehme shows AdKd and John says he had AQ.

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