25/25 Series Dundee V - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 23rd January 2016 @ 15:51


16:32: On Table 1, Michael Hepburn opens to 300 UTG and the only caller is Andrew Leathem on the Button. The Flop comes down 6s4d3d and Michael bets 400. Andrew calls. Turn 2d and Michael bets again (800). Andrew calls again. River 9s. Michael checks now and Andrew bets 1.3k. Michael calls immediately though and wins with JJ. Andrew had 77.

16:26: Picking up the action here on Table 2, Sam Morris opens for 200, called by Lesley Devine in position and Brent Burnett in the SB then Nehme Al Asmar 3bets to 1.2k from the BB. Sam likes it and makes the call. Lesley folds but Brent comes along too. Flop Js6h5d. Checked around 3 ways. Turn 8s. Brent checks, Nehme bets 1.6k. Sam calls, Brent folds. Heads up. River 9s. Nehme bets 2,225. Sam makes a reluctant call. Nehme tables 9d8d for 2 pair and it's good.

16:22: Ross Loggie is here today too. He was 2nd at our last Aberdeen leg. Loves the game...

16:16: Our last winner was George Devine in Edinburgh. I see he's here today trying for back to back wins.

16:13: The updated seating draw:

16:10: Sounds like an early bad beat for Glasgow-based, Paul Fallon, as he picked up a speeding ticket on his way through this afternoon :-(

16:06: If you are here playing today or following a friend please tweet some updates using #2525dundee so I can pick them up for the blog. It will be much appreciated as always. Thanks.

16:05: Here are the chip denominations for the tournament:

16:04: Under way now with 36 players:

15:52: We're here in beautiful Dundee just about to kick off Flight C at the 25/25 Series. From Flight A on Thursday 10 players made it through from the 51 that started and last night in Flight B 18 made it from 60. Today we're starting with 28. Late registration is open till 8.30pm remember.

Flight A Chip Counts

Flight B Chip Counts

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