25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 30 (60000/120000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2015 @ 3:21


03:44: 25/25 Series Edinburgh Champion, George Devine!

03:39: Final prizes:

1st £8,550 George Devine (originally £11,350)
2nd £7,900 Stephen Ng (orginally £7,370)
3rd £7,000 Ronnie Law (originally £4,730)
4th £3,170 Lesley Devine
5th £2,190 Honkiu Lau
6th £1,590 Derek Gray
7th £1,250 Jonny Gray
8th £1,060 Shaun Khan
9th £940 Tom Gill
10th £830 Zengyi Huang
11th £760 Murray Lorimer
12th £680 Martin Hammond
13th £680 Peter Bethune
14th £600 Gary Gracey
15th £600 Adam Cowley

03:37: They're all in again! George with QT vs Ng's Q9. It holds and we have a winner! It's George Devine!

03:36: Walk for George.

03:35: George limps, Ng checks. Flop 764. Checked. Turn 6. Checked. River 3. Checked. Ng wins with Q4.

03:34: Walk for George.

03:33: George shoves, Ng folds.

03:32: Walk for George.

03:31: George limps, Ng jams. George folds.

03:30: Ng jams, George calls. A4 vs A9. George holds and doubles up! Ng the shortie now (about 1.1 million). Crazy stuff!

03:29: George jams, Ng calls. AT vs KQ. George doubles up!

03:28: Ng jams, George folds.

03:27: George down to about 900k, Ng at 2.8 million.

03:26: Ng shoves, George calls. 99 vs AQ. Ng holds and doubles up!

03:25: George limps, Ng checks. George bets the 762 flop for 250k and wins it.

03:24: Anyone still awake out there? Say Hello in the comments please.

03:23: George shoves, Ng folds.

03:22: George raises to 320k. Ng folds.

7th December 2015 @ 3:28
Keep up the good work
7th December 2015 @ 3:39
Congrats to George well done must be all that coaching you've been getting from Lesley
7th December 2015 @ 15:35
George D
Big thank you to all the staff at the Maybury , Martin for keeping everything and everyone up to date on the blog. Epic battle with Steven and just a flip that I won ( but it was 10s not Q 10 :-) Well done to all the other players that cashed, cheers George.
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