25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 29 (50000/100000/10000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2015 @ 2:49


03:22: George makes it 300k, wins.

03:21: Walk for Ng.

03:20: Ng calls blind on the Button pre-flop, George raises to 300k. Ng folds.

03:19: Walk for George.

03:18: Ng raises, George shoves, Ng folds. Blinds going to 60k/120k in 2 mins!

03:14: Ng limps, George checks. Flop 9h9c3d. Checked. Turn 7d. George bets 150k, Ng raises to 350k, George folds.

03:13: Ng makes it 200k, wins it.

03:12: Ng 2.3 million, George 2.4 million. All square!

03:10: Ng doubles with KK pre-flop vs George's Ah7h.

03:09: Ng limps, George does not raise. Flop KcJd5c. George check/calls 100k. Turn Ah. Check/Check. River 4h. Check/Check. George's Js3s is good.

03:08: Walkies for Ng.

03:07: Ng limps, George checks. Flop 7c6h5h. Both check, Turn 7s. George bets 160k, Ng calls. River Ac. George bets 250k, Ng folds.

03:06: Ng has maybe 1.7 million, George 3.2 million.

03:05: Ng makes it 200k, George shoves all in! Ng folds.

03:04: George raises, Ng folds.

03:03: George gives Ng a walk.

03:00: Ng picked off a bluff there with Queen High. They're still battling!

02:52: Ng shoves, George folds.

02:50: George won a nice pot there. Ng down to maybe 1.2 million, George at 3.5 million.

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