25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 28 (40000/80000/8000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2015 @ 2:20


02:48: Blinds up in 1 minute. WIll be 50k/100k!

02:46: Lesley on the rail encouraging the boys to get it all in soon.

02:44: Ng makes it 160k, George shoves, Ng folds.

02:43: Geroge limps, Ng raises to 280k, George folds.

02:42: Ng makes it 160k, George moves all in. Ng folds.

02:41: George limps, Ng moves all in! George folds.

02:40: Ng limps, George raises to 285k, Ng folds.

02:39: George folds his button.

02:37: Ng makes it 160k, George calls. Flop KhJs8d. Check/Check. Turn 9c. George check/calls 160k. River 8c. George now leads for 305k, Ng folds after a wee think.

02:36: George 180k, Ng mucks.

02:35: Ng limps, George checks. AQ3. Ng bets, wins.

02:33: Ng limps, George raises, Ng folds.

02:32: Ng limps, George checks. Flop KhJc6c. Check/Check. Turn 5h. George check/folds.

02:31: Walk for Ng.

02:29: Ng limps, George checks. Qd4d3s. George check/calls 80k. Turn Td. Check/Check. River Ts. George wins with a 100k bet.

02:28: George raises, Ng folds.

02:26: Now 13.5 hours deep into Day 2 of this tournament. Lovin' it.

02:25: Walk for Ng.

02:24: Ng limps, George checks. Flop AcKs4s. George check/calls 80k. Turn Qd. George checked in the dark, Ng bets 250k, George folds.

02:23: George raises to 175k, Ng calls. Flop QsQd7h. Ng checks, George bets 200k, Ng gives up.

02:22: Ng makes it 160k, George mucks.

02:21: Blinds up. It ain't cheap now!

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