25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 27 (35000/70000/7000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2015 @ 1:45


02:17: Ng makes it 150k, George calls. Flop KsQh8c. George check/folds to a 250k bet.

02:15: George limps, Ng shoves. Wins it.

02:09: Ng limps, George makes it 270k, Ng calls. Flop Th6s6d. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Ng bets 300k, George calls! River 2d. George moves all in! Ng folds quickly.

02:08: George makes it 160k, Ng folds.

02:07: They took a wee 5 min break there. Back now.

02:02: George 1.8 million, Ng 2.9 million.

02:01: Ng limps, George makes it 250k, Ng calls. Flop TcTd2s. George bets 275k, Ng snap-calls. Turn 7c. Check/Check. River 3s. George bets 380k, Ng snap-calls. Ng wins with Ad2d, George had King High.

02:00: George makes it 155k, no call.

01:59: Ng makes it 150k, no call.

01:57: George limps, Ng makes it 250k, George folds.

01:56: Ng limps, George checks. Flop 9c6d2h. Check/Check. Turn 3d. Check/Check. River 9d. Check/Check. Ng's J2 is good. George had K7.

01:55: Anyone still reading this? I'm tired. How about you?

01:54: Ng makes it 150k, George calls. Flop AdJc8d. Check/Check. Turn 9c. George bets 175k, Ng mucks.

01:53: Walk for Ng.

01:52: Ng makes it 150k, George folds.

01:51: Walk for Ng.

01:50: Ng makes it 150k, no call.

01:49: 2nd gets £7,900 here and 1st £8,550 (and the wee glass trophy thing). George limps, Ng raises to 250k, George folds.

01:48: Ng limps, George checks. Flop QcKh7s. George check/call's 70k. Turn 3c. Check/Check. River 8h. Check/Check. George's Q5 is good.

01:47: George about 2.9 million now, Ng 1.8 million.

01:46: Level up!

7th December 2015 @ 1:57
Hurry up and win Ng so I can change my fish tanks water!
7th December 2015 @ 2:04
Im on nightshift on oil rig in the north sea so long as it finishes before 6:30 c'mon George
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