25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2015 @ 0:27


01:16: George limps SB, Ronnie shoves. No call.

01:15: Ronnie makes it 200k on the Button, Ng calls in the SB, George shoves the BB! Ronnie folds, Ng folds too! George says he has Aces.

01:14: Ronnie raises to 225k from the SB, no call.

01:13: Ng open-shoves the Button. Nae calls.

01:12: Ng raises to 150k from the SB, George calls. Flop AQQ. Check/Check. Turn J. Ng bets 100k, George calls. River 7s. Ng bets 200k, George folds.

01:09: Ng's mate Xia Ke also made Day 2 and Ng suggested a 5% swap to him at the start of the day. Fortunately for Ng, Xia didn't reply to his PM! Poor Xia.

01:07: Big pot for Ng vs Ronnie there. Missed the action. Ronnie down to just over 1 million.

01:05: Ronnie limps the Button, the blinds come along. Family pot. Flop As7h4d. Checked around. Turn 5c. Ng checks, George bets 115k, Ronnie calls, Ng folds. River 2c. George bets 175, Ronnie folds.

01:04: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng checks. Flop As8s8h. Ng bets 50k and Ronnie folds.

01:03: George limps the SB, Ronnie raises big. He folds. Ronnie shows AQ.

01:01: Still playing on here. The've played a few small pots after the deal. No blind all ins or anything silly like that.

00:56: We have a deal! Prizes restructured a bit to lock up £7,000 each but still playing on for a bit more for 2nd and 1st.

New 1st place £8,550
New 2nd place £7,900
New 3rd place £7,000

00:52: Ng suggests flattening the payouts a bit. Ronnie counters with a straight 3 way chop. Clock stopped while they have a wee chat. Ng now says £7k each locked up and play for £2,450. They all seem keen.

00:51: Walk for George. Shows KJo.

00:49: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng checks. Flop Ad9h5d. Ng bets 60k after Ronnie checks. He calls. Turn 7s. Ronnie checks, Ng bets 110k, Ronnie calls. River 4c. Check/Check. Ng wins with 9c3c, 2nd Pair.

00:47: Walk for Ronnie.

00:44: Ng raises the SB to 150k, George calls. Flop AhKs5d. Ng bets 150k, George raises to 335k, Ng gives it up.

00:41: George limps the SB, Ronnie checks. Flop JcJs4c. Check/Check. Turn 8d. Check/Check. River 5c. George bets 100k, Ronnie raises to 500k! Back to George and he calls. Ronnie shows J8 for a Full House. George shows 76 for the Straight. All 3 players must be very even now with about 1.5 million or thereabouts each.

00:40: Ronnie raises to 300k or so. Wins it. Shows JJ.

00:39: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng moves all in from the BB. Ronnie folds. Ng shows the Ace of Spades.

00:38: Ng raises to 100k on the Button, Ronnie shoves all in! Ng folds showing AT. Ronnie shows AQ.

00:37: Back in business.

00:35: Reminder of the last 3 prizes. Everyone locked up at least £4,730.

1st £11,350
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730 

00:34: Latest counts 3 handed. No deals so far.

Ronnie Law 1,050k
Stephen Ng 1,600k
George Devine 2,100k

00:27: Players on a break. Back soon.

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