25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 23:57


00:25: Last hand before the break. Ng raises to 80k from the SB, George calls. Flop QsTc7d. Ng checks, George bets 110k, Ng calls. Turn 5d. Ng checks, George bets 150k, Ng mucks.

00:23: Ronnie raises to 150k from the SB. Ng folds.

00:22: Ng raises to 80k from the SB. Wins it.

00:21: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng raises to 80k. Ronnie calls. Flop QcJcJh. Ronnie checks, Ng bets 75k. Wins it.

00:19: Ng raises to 80k on the Button, Ronnie calls in the BB. Flop Qd9s8c. Ronnie check/folds.

00:18: Another 15 minute break in 6 minutes. This hand Ng gives George a walk!

00:17: George raises to 93k on the Button, Ng calls in the BB. Flop 9h6s5h. Check/Check. Turn 6d. Ng bets 160k, George folds.

00:15: Ng goes for 80k on the Button, Ronnie calls in the BB. Flop 8d7h5c. Ronnie check/calls an 80k bet. Turn Ah. Ronnie check/calls another 80k. River 9d. Ronnie checks, Ng checks. Ng K8o, Ronnie Jc9c. Ronnie wins on the River.

00:14: Ronnie raises the Button to about 350k (not a typo). Shows 88.

00:06: George raises to 86k on the Button, Ng calls in the BB. Flop AhTh9c. Ng checks, George bets 104k, Ng calls. Turn 9s, Ng checks, George bets 130k, Ng raises to 280k! George now has a think for a minute and calls. River 6d. Ng pauses to think before betting 380k. George looks interested. He sits back in his chair and is thinking it over. He calls! Ng hows As7d. George has Ac4c. It's a chop!

00:05: Walk for Ronnie. He shows KQ.

00:04: Ng makes it 80k, no callers.

00:03: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng checks. Flop As9h8d. Ronnie check/folds to Ng's bet.

00:02: The Final 3:

23:59: Wild guess stack sizes:

Ronnie Law 1,200k
Stephen Ng 1,500k
George Devine 1,900k

23:58: Ng wins a wee one back next hand.

23:57: Say Hello to Level 24!

7th December 2015 @ 0:06
Dennis Shaw
Hello level 24, still here Martin great blog.
7th December 2015 @ 0:14
Woo go NG!
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