25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 23:19


23:53: Nice pot for George vs Ng. George bet 80k on the River, Ng made it 300k then George raised to 680.5k. Ng folded. There were 4 Spades on the Board.

23:51: 2 of the 9 players at the FT started with sunglasses. Both are still in 3 handed (Ronnie & Ng). Draw your own conclusions from that.

23:47: Ronnie suggests a deal. George says he'd rather play on. No deal.

23:44: Lesley shoves again, George calls with AA! She has QJ but he flops Top Set and leaves her dead on the Turn. George knocks his wife out in 4th place for £3,170.

23:43: George raises to 65k, no action.

23:42: Lesley shoves from the SB, no call from Ronnie.

23:41: Ronnie makes it 60k, George calls in the SB. Heads up. Flop AcAs2d. Check/Check. Turn 5d. Check/Check. River 4d. George bets 90k, Ronnie does not call.

23:40: Lesley all in. No call.

23:35: Some wildly approximate stack counts:

Lesley Devine 350k
Ronnie Law 1,400k
Stephen Ng 1,800k
George Devine 1,250k

23:34: Ronnie opnes to 80k on the Button, George 3bets from the SB to 210k. Ronnie says "I'll fold to you once George, I'm no f**kin folding again" and shows AJ as he folds. George shows 99.

23:32: Lesley raises to 60k on the Button, Ng calls in the BB. Flop Js5c4h. Ng check/raises Lesley's 80k bet to 200k. She folds. Ng shows a Jack. Lesley says "No more raising, I'm going to play like Ronnie now".

23.31: Ng raises to 60k, no callers.

23:27: Ronnie and Ng limp, The Devines in the Blinds make it a family pot. Flop 5s4h2h. Checked to Ng who bets 50k, only George calls. Turn 7c. Check/Check. River Qs. Georges leads for 78k, Ng folds.

23:26: Ronnie limps the Button for 30k, Ng completes, George checks. Flop Qh2c2s. Checked around. Turn 8s. Ronnie bets 50k when the other 2 check, Ng calls, George doesn't. River 5h. Ng checks, Ronnie bets 75k, Ng folds.

23:24: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng raises to 60k, Ronnie calls. Flop 6c5c4d, Turn 7c, River Jd. Checked all the way. Ronnie wins with Q6, Ng shows KQ.

23:21: Ng limps for 30k. Lesley limps the SB, Ronnie checks. Flpo JcTc6d. Checked to Ng and he min-bets 30k. Lesley calls, Ronnie raises to 75k, Ng calls, Lesley folds. Turn Ts. Check/Check. River 9d. Ronnie checks, Ng bets 200k. Ronnie calls. Ng wins with Th8h. Ronnie shows a Jack.

23:20: Blinds up! Still 4 left. Payouts so far and remaining:

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190 Honkiu Lau                         
6th £1,590 Derek Gray                      
7th £1,250 Jonny Gray                        
8th £1,060 Shaun Khan
9th £940 Tom Gill
10th £830 Zengyi Huang
11th £760 Murray Lorimer
12th £680 Martin Hammond
13th £680 Peter Bethune
14th £600 Gary Gracey
15th £600 Adam Cowley

6th December 2015 @ 23:36
Enjoying the blog updates. Gd luck Devines ;)
6th December 2015 @ 23:44
Great coverage, still reading.
6th December 2015 @ 23:49
Neil feenan
No deals go on George tid
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