25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 22:17


23:15: Lesley limps the Button, Ronnie completes then Ng raises to 80k from the BB. Lesley calls, Ronnie gets away from it. Heads up. Flop 9c4c4s. Ng beats 110k, Lesley says "I've got a pair, Stephen" then folds.

23:13: Ng raises to 48k on the Button, The Devines calls in the blinds. Flop 9c8s4d. All check. Turn 6c. All check again. River Ks. Lesley bets 75k, wins it.

23:12: Lesley raises the Button for 50k, no callers.

23:11: Walk for Ronnie from Lesley.

23:08: Ronnie raises to 50k, George calls from the SB. Flop As5s4s. Check/Check. Turn 2c. Ronnie bets 125k when checked to. George folds. Ronnie shows 33 for a Straight.

23:07: Ng makes it 48k from the SB, George folds the BB.

23:05: Ronnie limps the SB, Ng raises to 64k, Ronnie calls. Flop Jd9s2d. Ronnie check/calls a 50k bet. Turn 2c. Ronnie checks, Ng checks. River Jh. Check/Check. Ronnie's KT is good for King High, Ng shows a Queen.

23:04: Ng opens to 48k, Ronnie calls from the BB. Flop 7c4s3h. Check/Check. Turn Kh. Ronnie check/raises Ng's 60k bet to 250k. Ng folds. Ronnie shows the King of Spades.

23:02: Ronnie makes it 50k, Lesley calls in the BB. Flop 6s5d3c. Check/Check. Turn 6h. Check/Check. River Qs. Lesley checks, Ronnie bets 75k. She folds, Ronnie shows KcQc for Top Pair.

23:00: Ng raises to 48k from the SB, George calls. Flop 7s5d2d. Ng bets 50k, George snap-calls. Turn Kd. Ng thinks for a bit then bets 100k, George also thinks it over then........ folds.

22:57: George takes a wee pot from Ng.

22:56: George makes it 52k on the Button, no contest.

22:55: Ng raises the Button to 48k, no contest.

22:54: Ronnie chucks in 50k on the Button, no contest.

22:53: Ronnie calls from the SB, Ng checks. Flop AcAh4d. Check/Check. Turn 4h. Check/Check. River Td. Check/Check. K3 is good for Ronnie, Ng plays the board.

22:48: Some very approx stacks:

Lesley Devine 600k
Ronnie Law 1,200k
Stephen Ng 1,650k
George Devine 1,100k

22:45: Ronnie opens for a somewhat large 200k. No callers. Shows AK.

22:41: Lesley makes it 50k, Honkiu shoves all in for about 500k, George cold-4bet-ships from the BB. Lesley gets away from it. George KK, Honkiu AQ again. George hits a Set on the Flop but a Gutshot is still possible. It doesn't come however and Honkiu Lau is out in 5th for £2,190.

22:40: Honkiu makes it 55k on the Button, wins it. Shows AsQs.

22:39: Ng opens to 48k UTG, Honkiu calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop AsKs5c. He check/folds to Ng's 50k c-bet.

22:38: Walk for Honkiu.

22:36: Ng wins a big one from Lesley (plus a little from Ronnie). She flopped a Set but Ng rivered a Flush and got 250k of value.

22:32: Honkiu opens to 60k, Ronnie 3bets to 315k on the Button. Honkiu shoves, Ronnie calls. 99 vs AQ. Ronnie hits 2 x Queens and gets his double up.

22:31: Dennis S wouldn't mind a Lesley Devine win:

22:30: Players back at the table. No deals agreed by the sound of it.

22:25: Some possible deal discussion in progress on the rail but doesn't sound too likely.

22:22: Payout reminder. Still to play for is £28,810.

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590 Derek Gray                      
7th £1,250 Jonny Gray                        
8th £1,060 Shaun Khan
9th £940 Tom Gill
10th £830 Zengyi Huang
11th £760 Murray Lorimer
12th £680 Martin Hammond
13th £680 Peter Bethune
14th £600 Gary Gracey
15th £600 Adam Cowley

22:21: Latest chip counts 5 handed:

Lesley Devine 1,150k
Honkiu Lau 1,130k
Ronnie Law 530k
Stephen Ng 1,150k
George Devine 715k

22:18: Break time.

6th December 2015 @ 22:23
This has George's name written all over it NG will play right into his hands
6th December 2015 @ 22:59
Stefan Rozanski
come on Ronnie
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