25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 21:31


22:16: One more hand then we have a 15 minute break.

22:15: Last 2 pots went to Ronnie (flopped another Set) and George (raised pre-flop, no callers).

22:11: Ng opens to 40k again, Derek shoves all in for about 250k from the Button, Ng calls. KK vs A4. Derek flops a 4 but no more help comes and he is out in 6th for £1,590.

22:10: Anyone still reading the blog? Who are you rooting for? A Devine One/Two? Talk to me on the comments please.

22:08: Ng raises the Button to 40k, George calls in the BB. Flop QdJd7s. George checks, Ng bets 40k. George says No.

22:07: Lesley raises, Honkiu calls on the Button. Heads up. Flop Jd7h3c. Lesley check/folds to a bet. He shows a Jack for Top Pair.

22:06: There will be a break in 9 minutes. Will get the latest counts then. Current chip leader Lesley Devine though with maybe about 1.2 million. Honkiu probably has about the same actually.

22:05: Ng wins the next pot as well, vs Ronnie this time.

22:01: Ng opens to 40k, Honkiu and Ronnie call in the blinds. Flop Qs5h3c. Ng bets 60k when checked to. Honkiu calls, Ronnie folds. Heads up. Turn Ad. Check/Check. River Ts. Honkiu check/folds to a 100k bet. Pot to Ng.

21:59: Lesley vs Honkiu in a decent pot here. She has bet/called the QhJc5h Flop, Turn is 4s. Both check it. River 9c. Lesley checks, Honkiu bets 155k. Lesley calls. She has QJ for Top 2 Pair, Honkiu has AQ for Top Pair. Lesley takes it.

21:56: Prize pool left to play for is £30,400. No discussion of a chop at the FT yet though.

21:54: Ronnie opens for 40k, George calls from the BB. Heads up action. Flop 8d7s4h. George check/raises Ronnie's 50k bet to 106k, Ronnie calls. Turn 5h. George continues for 135k, Ronnie folds, showing TT. George shows 87 for 2 Pair.

21:51: Dramatic turn of events as John Angus appears on the rail and steals the trophy!

21:49: Honkiu limps the SB, Ronnie checks. Flop Ac8c7c. Honkiu bets 25k, Ronnie calls. Turn Qd, Honkiu bets 35k this time, Ronnie calls. River 9c. Honkiu checks, Ronnie checks. Ronnie shows 8x4c and wins with his Flush vs the Ax2c of Honkiu.

21:48: Ng opens to 45k again next hand, no takers.

21:47: Ng takes one with a pre-flop raise. No contest from the Devines in the blinds.

21:46: Payout reminder:

1st £11,350                        
2nd £7,370                        
3rd £4,730                        
4th £3,170                        
5th £2,190                        
6th £1,590                        
7th £1,250 Jonny Gray                        
8th £1,060 Shaun Khan
9th £940 Tom Gill
10th £830 Zengyi Huang
11th £760 Murray Lorimer
12th £680 Martin Hammond
13th £680 Peter Bethune
14th £600 Gary Gracey
15th £600 Adam Cowley

21:45: Some wildly approximate chip counts 6 handed:

1 Lesley Devine 800k
3 Honkiu Lau 1.7million
4 Ronnie Law 550k
5 Stephen Ng 500k
6 Derek Gray 300k
9 George Devine 700k

21:42: Derek limps, Honkiu makes it 65k from the SB, no call.

21:41: Ng raises the next one, Honkiu shoves all in, Ng folds. Honkiu shows AK. Ng had about 500k behind which was well covered.

21:36: Jonny Gray short in the BB here. Has about 100k behind the 20k. George opens to 52k on the Button, Jonny shoves! George calls with QQ and Jonny has A9. The Ladies hold up and Jonny Gray is out in 7th for £1,250.

21:34: Ronnie makes it 50k, George calls in the SB. Heads up. Flop 9c9d8d. George leads into Ronnie for 55k, Ronnie snap-raises to 125k. Back to George and he folds. He shows TT. Ronnie shows KK. Very friendly FT, lots of showing after folding.

21:33: Ronnie celebrating Ng losing that last hand.

21:32: Ng open-limps the Buttonf ro 20k, Derek completes, George checks. Flop 9h7c3s. Ng bets 40k when the other 2 check to him. Derek moves all in! Looks like about 255k. George and Ng fold.

21:31: Level 21 yeehaa!

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