25/25 Edinburgh IV - Day 2 - Level 19 (6000/12000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2015 @ 19:42


20:44: Ronnie limps for 12k, George completes the SB, Lesley checks the BB. Lots of checking ensues with George being the first to bet on the River (16.5k). Ronnie calls. George wins with K4 for 2 pair.

20:42: Honkiu raises to 31k, Ng calls in position, all other fold. Flop KdTc6h. Honkiu check/calls a 35k bet from Ng. Turn Qh. Check/Check. River 3s. Honkiu now leads for 80k, Ng quickly folds. Honkiu shows AJ for the Nut Straight. Nice turn card!

20:41: Cap Count at the FT = 3. Honkiu, Ng and Shaun are sporting them.

20:40: Undeterred, George opens for 26k again. Tom calls from the BB for heads up. Flop AhJs2s. Tom checks, George bets 32k, Tom mucks.

20:39: Sunglasses Count at the FT = 2. Ng and Ronnie are sporting them.

20:38: Jonny open-shoves. No action.

20:35: George tries again, 26k this time. Lesley 3bets to 50.5k to his immediate left. Back to George and he goes into the tank, singing "When 2 tribes go to war". He decides to fold.

20:32: George opens for 28k mid-position, Honkiu calls on the Button, Ng also calls from the BB. 3 way to the Flop which comes doon JcTc4s. Ng checks, George checks, Honkiu bets 55k. Ng folds, George folds. Honkiu shows JdTd for Top 2 pair!

20:30: Honkiu limps the SB, Ronnie checks. Board JT2-8-4 which is checked all the way. Ronnie wins it. Think he had Queen High but missed his other card.

20:29: Ronnie raises to 30k UTG, no callers.

20:27: Ng raises to 25k mid-position, Shaun calls, Jonny (BB) also calls. Flop Js9h7c. Jonny checks, Ng bets 50k, Shaun folds. Back to Jonny and he calls. Turn Ad. Jonny checks, Ng bets 65k. Jonny goes into the tank. He opts for a Fold. Looks like he's down to about 180k (15bb) now.

20:26: Who's your pick to win from the last 9?

20:23: Derek limps in the Hijack for 12k, the blinds complete and check. Flop Js8s7h. Checked around. Turn 5c. Checked around. River Jd. George bets 26.5k, Lesley folds, Derek does too. Win for George.

20:21: Shaun raises to 25k on the Button, George calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop Js7c7s. George check/raises Shaun's 31k bet to 90k. Shaun does not continue.

20:19: Jonny opens to 25k then Ronnie 3bets to 75k in position. Jonny folds. Ronnie shows QQ.

20:18: Ronnie limps in the cut-off, Ng raises to 30k on the Button. Back to Ronnie and he calls. Flop Td3h2c. Ronnie checks, Ng bets 35k. Ronnie gives it up.

20:15: Shaun limps for 12k UTG, Ng folds the SB and Derek checks his option. Flop 7s5d4d. Derek check/calls a 23k bet from Shaun. Turn 2c. Check/Check. River Qs. Derek checks, Shaun bets 39k. Derek folds.

20:13: Folded to Ronnie in the SB and he raises to 35k into Ng's BB. Ng calls. Flop 7c6c4c. Check/Check. Turn Ts. Check/Check. River 5h. Check/Check. Ronnie wins with 22 in the hole. Ng shows a cautiously-played AQ.

20:11: First hand Shaun (330k) limps for 12k and Jonny (260k) limps along on the Button. Honkiu (1,140k) makes it 45k from the SB. Back to Shaun and he makes the call. Jonny comes along as well! 3 way to the Flop which is AdKs5c. Honkiu bets 80k and both others quickly fold.

20:09: Final table now under way!

19:51: Players now on a break. Here's the FT line up:

1 Lesley Devine 685k
2 Jonny Gray 260k
3 Honkiu Lau 1,140k
4 Ronnie Law 320k
5 Stephen Ng 550k
6 Derek Gray 540k
7 Shaun Khan 330k
8 Tom Gill 370k
9 George Devine 400k

19:48: Final Table! Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang shoves with AJ and is called by Ronnie Law with AK. It holds and Zengyi "Mr Chen" Huang is 10th for £830.

19:42: Still playing with 10 players on the FT Bubble. Hand for Hand play so slowing the action down a bit. Hopefully not too much longer before we hit the 9 handed Final Table. Will wait until then to get the full chip counts for all players.

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